AFK so to speak!

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AFK so to speak!

Sorry I've been away from the boards a bit. All this moving stuff has made me crazy! It's coming to an end though as we get our keys tomorrow!

Give me a few weeks to get settled and then I'll be back to bug you all!

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good luck with the moveee!!

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Good luck! We are just behind you in the move process and it is such a crazy time! Enjoy your new house and remember to "christen" each room Biggrin

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Yeah!! SO exciting!!!! I second what Margaret said! Wink My mom has this saying "new house, new baby"... All the best with the move! Smile

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We are about 70% moved in. We have our rental apartment until the end of May so we just packed what we could into the truck on Saturday and got most of it done. We just have a few peices of furniture, some boxes, and some kitchen stuff at the old place to pack up and move and then we will be done.

I have to admit, it's weird thinking that "this is mine" to all the stuff. Like the walls, the fridge, the sink. Very strange!

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Woo hoo! Have fun fixing up and decorating your new place! Be sure and share before and after pics Smile