Annovlatory cycle

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Annovlatory cycle

It seems I am having another long cycle. At what point would one try to end this crazy with some progesterone is the question?
We are not going to look at doing any more treatments until next year, but still try it on our own.


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I'm so sorry Jodie. I don't have any input on this I don't know anything about taken progesterone. Whatever you choice will be the right one for you. You are in my thoughts.

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Thanks Carin.

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From what I understood... And I may be totally wrong... But I thought taking progesterone before you are pregnant can hinder you getting pregnant.
When I was on it I had to start when I had a bfp and not before.
I haven't heard of it cutting a cycle short.
But I don't know much on it other than what I use it for.

Sorry your cycle is so screwy!
I am wishing you a bfp in the near future.

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I took progesterone to bring a close to some very long annovulatory cycles while we were trying. It can have bad effects in the beginning of your cycle, but after you know it was annovulatory, it's ok to take to bring on the next cycle.
My dr said after 40 days to go ahead and start taking it when we were doing our medicated cycles. (if the meds made me ovulate, it was around day 20, so 40 was about right for us)

Could you just give the nurse at the dr office a quick call and ask what they think? Or if you have extra, honestly after day 40, I would take a pg test just to be sure and then I would just take the five days to bring the cycle to a close.

I was just poking at your chart. You seem to have a very classic annovulatory cycle going. Just what i used to face month after month after so much charting. It was so hard to see that every month. What a bummer. I'm so sorry.

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Hi there. I'm sorry about that. Have you tried fertility vitamins that are designed to restore hormonal balance and promote fertility? I think these things can help you especially if you have long cycles without ovulation.