Anyone have advice for ovarian cysts?

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Anyone have advice for ovarian cysts?

I recently got results from an ultrasound I had. Couple weeks ago. I have a very large septated cyst on my right ovary and a medium sized cyst on my left ovary.

In 4-6 weeks I have to have another u/s, and if the cyst is still there I have to see our town's OBGYN. I cannot put into words how much I dislike that guy. So, I'm really up for trying anything to shrink these cysts!

Also, I'm kind of bummed out because I guess that means clomid is off the table, right? And I might have to go on birth control?

I know ovarian cysts are common, so I was hoping someone might have some experience with them that they'd be willing to share.



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Sorry you are going through this.
I don't really have any experience...I do know though through reading that some cycsts tend to come after o and diminish over the next couple of weeks.
But there are all different kinds Ibelieve.
All I can really do is offer you hugs and thoughts and I hope it gets smaller so you don't have to go on BC

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I used to get ovarian cysts. Unfortunately mine didn't dissolve on their own. I had to be put on birth control pills to make them go away. I was usually only on them for 10 days though and then a few days after my last pill I would also get af. Wishing you all the best!

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Did they tell you what kind of cysts they were? And how big were they? Were they fluid or tissue filled?

I had a large cyst on my left ovary, about the size of a small peach. They thought it was tissue filled (dermoid) but when I had my last LAP the RE removed it and it turns out it was an Entrometrioma - or blood/fluid filled (aka a "chocolate cyst").

Depending on what type it is will determine whether it should go away on it's own. Typically, dermoid cysts do not dissolve and have to be removed. Those are the types of cysts that can have hair/teeth/tissue inside them. Liquid filled cysts can burst or dissolve, but sometimes they do not.

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All my cysts have ruptured on their own which is painful. The only time I do not get cysts is when on bcp and maybe a month or two after I go off them.

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Thanks for the replies! I'm sorry I wasn't on here sooner. My iPhone quit on me this week.

My large cyst from what I got from the doctor is a mixture of fluid and tissue. I'm kind of frustrated they didn't use any of the terms for cysts that I've learned about while doing my research (dermoid, endometriosis, etc.) They just kept using the term "septated" which just means it has multiple walls within the cyst and is a mixture of fluid and tissue.

I started taking a tincture of Vitex, black cohosh, dong quai and more. And also DIM tablets to help flush excess estrogen. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they help.

Anyway, thank you for your replies. I haven't talked to anyone IRL about the. It's difficult to sneak the subject if ovarian cysts into normal conversation. Lol