Awesome News--First RE visit!!

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Awesome News--First RE visit!!

Our first visit with the RE today went VERY well. Due to DHs hx of low sperm count, we were fully prepared to discuss IVF and begin treatment asap. However, after getting DHs newest SA results, his numbers have improved drastically (from 4-8mil to 30mil), and our RE believes we have high chances of conceiving via IUI!

Plan is on CD 11 he wants me to begin OPKs, once I get a positive, we have to haul booty up to his office (1 1/2hr away) and undergo ultrasound, blood work, sperm sample, sperm "wash" process, and IUI! At this point, based on my cycles, he doesn't feel that we need to stimulate the ovaries at all... not sure about this... but I trust him. He has been doing this for a bazillion years, and I feel like with our long infertility hx, he wouldn't suggest it if he didn't feel it would work... He would like to try this 3-4 cycles, and if no success, we'll move on to IVF. He did discuss IVF with us, but it was brief, and he only did so because he knew we had driven quite a ways...

He did say that if we have a failed cycle, he wants to proceed with an HSG and if all clear, will try another cycle with Clomid.

Both DH and I feel very good about this! Excited and optimistic!

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That's so fabulous!!!!! Smile

Good luck honey! So excited for you!

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That's great news!!! I was wondering after you posted about your husband's most recent s/a results if your RE would give IUI a try first. All the best!! Smile