back on the TTC train ~ our 1 year forced break is over!
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Thread: back on the TTC train ~ our 1 year forced break is over!

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    Default back on the TTC train ~ our 1 year forced break is over!

    Hello ladies!

    I see there are alot of new faces, for those I have not met before I extend a warm greeting - I truly hope that your miracle comes to you soon!
    For those of you that i've met, I am sorry that you're here and you are in my prayers to have your miracle arrive .... I must admit that part of me is glad that you are here though as then I have old friends to talk with as our journey starts again.

    Jan 1 was our anniversary .... it's been a long journey for us but I guess without trials and struggles we would never know how to cope with loss and still have hope and love in our hearts, it is part of what makes us human and for that I am thankful. Without this long journey I would not have been able to get to know alot of people here, nor would I have had the chance to share knowledge that I`ve obtained and shared with new friends for their journey.

    As noted in the title block - our forced 1 year break has been offically broken today by my doctor with a baseline and a thumbs up to start Puregon Injections again. We were put on a forced break for a year to heal, emotionally (and physically for me) after our last miscarriage (our 5th one) .... we are filled with hope that things will work and we will be blessed with a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby soon.

    We have our file put on hold for adoption at this time as we are in the midst of moving from our current house and seeing if we are moving to another existing house or if we are going to build a new house (we`re leaning towards building which would mean that for the summer we`re going to be living in our holiday trailer) -- we are unable to have the home inspection done to meet the last of our requirements before submitting our profile for potential birth parents to review because of this.

    Ideally we`d love to be blessed with both -- have a house of adopted babies and birthed babies, along with our 4 furbabies, to make our family complete.

    Looking forward to getting back into the chatting to catch up with old friends and make new ones here

    | tacie
    ~ Tacie's Space ~ TTC #1 since Jan 01, 2006

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    Yay Tacie! So glad to see you here again, hope that your TTC is very short!!
    Sophia 41, DH 36

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    Hii Tacieeee WELCOME BACKKKK!!!

    TTC #1 since 2/11
    Married to DH Chris since May 23,2011
    April 16 2012- IUI BFP!!!
    Dec 8th 2012 Carter Michael is born 4:53 am at 5lbs 5 oz
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    Tacie!!!!! Welcome back!! You have been on my mind!! (This is Carissa ChrissyD2103 I had to make a new screen name becuase I was locked out) Anyway, I hope that things fall into place for you!!!


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    Hey! So glad you are back!!! Hopefully you will get a BFP soon!!

    DD Emily 2/10/05
    DS Sebastian 4/18/14

    *IVF #1: Failed early MC*
    *IVF #2: Baby Cecilia born at 22 weeks.
    *IVF #3: Positive!

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    Tacie - glad to see you back (not that we really want anyone here but you know what I mean). Hope you get a BFP soon. Are you going to the Alex's infertility clinic? I am on the waiting list for an appointment, if DH will ever get his SA done
    Margaret (44)
    Sean (38 )
    Robbie (8 )
    Bailey (April 2, 2011)

    "The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind." Caroline Myss

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    (picks her up and spins her round!!!)
    I am happy to see you again!!!

    I hope 2012 is your year my love!!!
    Glad we can follow your journey again!!!
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    Tacie I'm glad to see you back to trying again. I hope your stay is short.

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    Hi Tacie! I hope your ttc journey is short and sweet! Sounds like you have a great year ahead!!

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    Hey Tacie!!! Welcome back - I hope this is going to be YOUR YEAR!!!
    When do you start the injections, or have you already??

    TTC#1 since January 2008
    2009 Dx unexplained infertility
    2010: 2 Clomid+IUI cycles = 2 BFN's
    2011-2013: TTC naturally/JLIH
    11.20.2013 - Unexpected & natural BFP!
    07.16.2013 - Nolan born at 38 weeks, 1 day

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