Bad day (kid mentioned)

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Bad day (kid mentioned)

I am having a horrible day and it is only 9am. It has to get better, really it does...

At 2pm I have a job interview. As much as I like my job the doctors and dentists have all said that I can't go back to being on the phones 7.5 hrs/day. Sean is stressed about money, especially with buying the condo. I don't blame him and I am still getting 70% of my income from disability (which I am lucky to have). We have a labourer shortage here (how nice is that when so many places have lack of jobs not people) so I have a bunch of jobs that I am waiting to hear about.

Bad mommy award goes I lost it with Robbie this morning before school. For one thing he was up 1 hour early and that is never good. He will be miserable tonight and he has a soccer game. I really need to find ways to make that kid listen! He does not listen and then I get mad and yell, which just goes on and on. He is not 7 for another month and I hate to think what the teen years are going to be like. Generally he is a great kid bus some days I just want to throw in the towel.

Tomorrow I take back the cpap machine and see if it has made a difference. I think it has but will have to see what the results are. Will probably be getting a prescription for least it is covered by insurance.

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First thing.... Good luck at the interview!!!!!!
You'll knock em dead.

Second thing... Hugs!!!
I think you just need to remember all your precious moments in times like this.
Deep breaths and all that.
Easy for me to say when I don't have even half the stresses you have.
Maybe if he's difficult now he'll be an easy teen... You never know.

But overall he is gorgeous... Like his mummy!!

Love you sweets!!
Keep that chin up!!

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I hope your day gets better. I don't really even understand the kid thing but I think you are strong and can do whatever comes your way. Good luck at the interview you'll do great no worries. I've been looking for a job for a while but do have an interview on Mon. I hope you get the results from the cpap that will help you.

Think of all the good things I know it's tough but you will make it.

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:bigarmhug: First off Good luck on your interview even though im most likely late... Sorry Robbie isnt making life easier for you today..Hopefully later on he will be able to be a little more focused...

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Hey :bighug: good luck! I hope your day gets better!!!

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The interview went well, should know sometime next week. Now for a nap!