Been MIA for awhile....

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Been MIA for awhile....

Sorry I have been away for a while I have been lurking around though and trying to keep up with most of you. I also know there have been some newbies to the board, so welcome!! I have been trying to keep myself busy to keep my mind off of preg, tt, babies all of that, and have been trying to get everyting in order to move forward with adoption.

Anywho, rant coming......

So I love my DH dearly, but sometimes he drives me to the edge!!!! I am kind of particular about how I keep my house, sort of anal really. Since I do not work outside the home I consider keeping our home my job and I have no problem with that. I do not require DH to do much around the house except take out the garbage and squish bugs Smile I would also expect that he clean up after himself as well. I am not his maid!!! Ugh, he drives me nuts, he never picks up his clothes to put them in the hamper, he drops them where ever he is at the moment they come off. He leaves his dishes all over the house, I don't even ask that he wash them, just that he puts them in the sink at least. I could go on forever basically my kids who are 6 and 8 pick up after themselves better. I know he did not grow up in a home that required him to clean up either. His mom was not very neat, and we have been together since we were kids so he has never really had to do anything for himself, becaues I do it for him......Seriously how hard is it to just pick up after yourself?!?!?! I am constantly nagging him about this stuff, but nothing ever changes. I am not one of those people who can just let things pile up because 1. it would drive me nuts and 2. I honestly don't think he would care. Sometimes I feel like he takes what I do for granted and doesn't appriciate the hard work I put in keeping our house the way I do. He isn't here to see me wash walls, fold endless loads of laundry, scrub floor and toilets etc. So maybe he doesn't understand>>> I don't know ladies.......Sugesstions????

Ok I just had to get that out.......

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Hello you!!!!!
Glad you're okay!!!
Sent you a request on FB..did you see? Biggrin

My OH is exactly the same...drives me mad!!!
worse thing he does with his clothes is drop them on the floor BY the laundry basket!!!
Noting we can do I don't think...I nag and nag and nag and still he does all those little bugging things....
And you're lucky..I'm expected to take out the gargage and get rid of bugs too..unless he is proving a point!!!..LOL

I kind of let it go until I've had enough..then I blow..nothing happens and I get on with it.Sucks eh?


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Carissa! Glad to see you back.

My DH is the exact same. Except we both work 50 hour work weeks! DH comes home, strips off his clothes wherever and plops on the couch or at the PC. I, on the other hand come home, walk the dog, do dishes, makes dinner, tidy up, make lunches for the next day, etc. And on weekends I ask him to help with general cleaning and laundry but he never does because he believes weekends are for doing 100% nothing! Drives me insane! His family is disgusting with their cleanliness too. It borders on unsafe and DH has the same habits (not washing towels frequently, leaving food out at room temp too long). (tmi warning) DH has bowel issues daily and I really think it's because he doesn't wash his hands enough and he refuses to put the lunches I make him in the fridge at work! No wonder!!

So yeah, vent away. I think the amazons had it right-we should make men our slaves. Do you guys have that "the week the women went" tv show in the us? They kicked all the women out and left the men to cook, clean, watch kids, etc. Google it, it was quite interesting.

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Hey girl, nice to see you!!

UGH Sad My DH can litterally be standing next to the hamper and he will drop his clothes on the floor. He actually did it this week. I actually am tired of arguing over it. Unless it's something that's just way out of line I will argue about it. Sometimes you just have to choose your battles.

My DH is severely messy, it's crazy sometimes. You know when he gets home because it's just an instant mess...don't know how he does it. He is one of those,however, that blames it on me. That's usually when the arguing starts.

:bighug: I can soooo relate!!!

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Hi Carissa! I'm glad you poked your head back in, I've been thinking about you. Don't be a stranger and KUP on your adoption progress.

I feel like I could have written your exact same story (minus the two kids cleaning up after themselves.) DH is a football coach and during the season he works 100+ hour weeks so all the house stuff falls to me. I don't care- in fact I'd rather do everything myself. But he also comes from a family where his mom spoiled him and he's never had to pick up after himself so during the offseason he keeps the same habits. The worst part is the turf they play on is made up of very small pieces of black rubber. The "turf balls" get all in his shoes and he tracks them ALL OVER the house. Those little things drive me crazy!

I told him if he refuses to take his shoes off outside I will add vacuuming to his very short list of "blue chores!"

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Welcome back Biggrin I can definitely relate, too, though my DH does at least manage to get "most" of his dirty clothes into the hamper. But lets not talk about the dirty socks on the living room floor, or the clothes he wants to "re-use" that get hung on the end of the bed (bed post), lol.

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Well I am glad to know I am not alone in my frustration lol! No matter where life takes me in this TTC/adoption process I don't think I could ever just leave you ladies behind, you all have been my anchor of sanity and support Smile