Beta was negative

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Beta was negative

Just got a call from the nurse. Beta was negative which I was expecting. I'm sad but I'm doing ok. With all the other expenses coming up with Christmas and all, we have to put further treatments on hold until January I think. So, time to relax for two cycles or so.

Oh I wait for AF to start....

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:bigarmhug: i thought i was in the running too until AF showed 3 days late so i feel ur pain and disappointment :(!!

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Ugh, so sorry! Sad :( Sad :( I hear ya about expenses.

So not fair... you'd think IUI's would be near 100% proven to work or something but sadly, no. Sad

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So so sorry rachael...
I was so hopeful.
Huge hugs to you.
I am pingable if you need me. Xxxx

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:bighug: Sorry Sad

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:bighug: so so so sorry!

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I'm so sorry Rachael. I was really hoping this was going to be it for you! :bigarmhug: I hear ya about the expenses and chaos around the holidays. DH and I are going to do our Nov cycle (if necessary) but then take a break through the holidays. It's just too much with everything else going on.


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Thanks everyone. I'm taking it a little harder tonight, especially since my 33rd birthday is tomorrow and we started TTC when I was 28 (hence the 28 in my username). If we didn't have two trips planned between now and Christmas, then we might do another cycle now. What sucks is when 2012 comes along we have to pay an extra $200 for "admin fees" for the year again. Sad

I'm baking a chocolate cake right now and some lasagna. I hope it makes me feel better.

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Oh Rachael, I'm so sorry. This is not the news I was hoping for you. HUGS


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so sorry to hear the news.

wish i was there for cake and italian food!

hang in there. bday's when ttc for so long SUCK. my bday is around mother's day and sometimes ON mother's day. it's mean.

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Racheal Im so sorry, cake and lasagna do sound good though. I was suspose to start meds next month but Im on hold until tax time since the Doctor said my last remaining tube was blocked during my HSG. I have one shot at IVF, and dont know if it will be worth it.

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:bighug: Oh Rachel, I'm sorry; this totally sucks (major understatement, I know). Enjoy your cake, and treat yourself well.

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Rachael, I'm so sorry hun.


I know it doesn't help much but we are all here for you.

I hope your cake and lasagna were a bit of comfort for you. Get rest and take care of yourself.

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Rachael, I'm so sorry. Enjoy the couple weeks of relaxing. You deserve it

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I'm so sorry Rachael, I was so hoping you'd get great news.

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Oh Rachael I am so sorry. I know I am a little late here, but I was really hoping this was it for you! Please rest and take care of yourself!

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I'm so late seeing this. So sorry, girl :bighug: