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big day (updated)

Well today we go for our consult with my ob and I'm just really scared. I don't have a lot of good luck and I think I used it yesterday but it's ok I'm so happy right now. I had a job interview at D*ck's Sporting Goods yesterday. I got the job and a better one then want I went for. I went for cashier just to get in and they put me in the lodge which in hunting/camping/fishing. I do all three so I'm really excited. It is only temporary to start cause it's a new store. After 30 days they will keep the ones they want. I have lots of customer service background so I know if I do my job I'll stay. I also get to work in the same plaza as my dh so that will be different but it is a only around the corner from by ob so if I need to see him a lot I'll be real close. I will post after my appt but it's not for 3 more hours.

Well I'm back it wasn't bad. DH sa came back good. Doctor thinks it is all my pcos why we aren't getting pregnant again. I start taking Femara next cycle. I hope I don't need it but if I do I can get it. He wants me to do my BBT and bring it in for that month. He thinks I'm not O'ing good. I guess that is a starting point.

Has anyone taken Femara? Did you have any side affects and what?

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I haven't taken Femara but just wanted to say good luck.

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Congratulations on your new job!! Smile

Sounds like your appointment went pretty well. I have taken Femara but never by itself, it was always in combination with other meds. I've heard alot of women prefer it to Clomid because the side effects aren't as bad. Most don't have any at all. I've also heard it works well for women with PCOS. Are you on Metformin?

Wishing you all the best!!

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Thanks ladies!!

I am on Metformin my endocrinologist put me on it right away. I'm a type 1 diabetic so my ob wouldn't do it without asking my endo. I'm more excited about the job then getting Femara is that wrong? I called to see if my insurance would cover it and they do so when AF comes I will go get it. I've had such a great week that I keep thinking I'll wake up soon and it will all be gone. I did tell my dr. that I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to a RE. I love my dr. and don't want to see another. He has been my only dr. since I was 18. I'll just take one day at a time.

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I'm a lurker of sorts, so I hope you don't mind me chiming in (having been through infertility issues, m/c and baby loss, I don't feel that I have much in common or have the same look on pregnancy as the ladies on the other TTC boards, so I prefer to lurk with you ladies)

I love my OB, she has been with me through hell and back and I trust her with my life (and my babies lives!), but she's the first one to tell me that her specialty is not Infertility, or getting me pregnant. So nothing against your OB when I say that sometimes you need an RE. That is their specialty and their strength is in the getting pregnant part - they pass you on to an OB after things are confirmed positive, because they are not especially trained on that part of things.
Many people go on fertility drugs with their OB, but OBs do not monitor you to see how the drugs are affecting you (they have other patients in such a variety of areas - pregnancy, general OB issues, etc - that they don't have the time to monitor you - so it's not a slam on OBs!) Clomid for one, can cause your lining to be thin, and without monitoring you wouldn't know this. (I did Clomid for a few months, and had lining issues only half of the time, not every cycle)

I have had bad REs and a great one - and the difference is amazing. A good RE is going to do thorough testing of many things before giving you personalized game plan. If they try to give you drugs without testing - I would question that. (Since you know you have PCOS, drugs could be a good option for you).
Metformin - if you are on it for diabetic reasons, the dose may not be enough to help the fertility side of things. My bad RE put me on it at a dose of 1000mg/day. When I went to my Awesome RE - he said that dose was like "spitting in the wind" and had me up to 3000mg/day (gradually of course).

Everybody's story is different, and not everything will work for everyone, but my Awesome RE did thorough testing on me (and DH) and upped my Metformin, and put me on prescription prenatals (that split up the iron and calcium for maximum absorption), and we got pregnant twice with him, without any meds or additional intervention. (the bad RE told me after 2 m/c's after using injectibles and IUI, that IVF with Donor eggs was our only hope)

Anyway - sorry that came out as such a "lecture" - I have just been through hell and back and I know that TTC is stressful enough, especially when it doesn't happen easily, that I like to share my story, in hopes of giving people hope.

Good luck to you!!!