A bit about me!!

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A bit about me!!

Hi all, I have been introduced to the site by a friend , and she has advised me to tell you my story, so i apologise in advance if its boring lol
I am 37, living in the UK
I have just had my 2nd ectopic, at 7 weeks .I am lucky enough to have children from a previous relationship, but my husband hasnt any, we were having assisted fertility and thought we had struck gold when the worst happened.
We were allowed to bring home our baby's remains and bury them, ( we refer to the baby as "him" although of course we will never know) we named him Jonathan .
Our only option now is IVF and we are looking to find out if we can appeal against the NHS decision that we do not meet the criteria,
Has anyone on here ever successfully reversed such a decision?
All help or advice will be gratefully received
Thanks xx

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I'm the friend guys!!!
Liz and I went to school together...although only for a couple of years as I changed.
I can't answer that hun...but I am sure there are some who will be able to...once they get up!
Welcome Liz....sorry its in such sad circumstances...but we will look after you and the IVF board will too....Carissa is on both...and I saw Amanda on there earlier too....
Everyone here and all over the boards are amazing.
In comparison to other forums everyone here is laid back and kind and lovely.
I have made some of my best friends here....to the point of going to see them in Oct...
Its a place to laugh and cry together.
Everyone is so great!!!

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Welcome Lizz!!! I dont have any answers but as Liz said there are plenty of women here who are willing to help out !! I hope i can get to know you better

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Welcome!!! Glad to have you, but sorry that you have gone through so much!! I am not sure about how to appeal your insurance but I hope you can find a way, it is so stupid that they make IVF so unreachable for most!!! I too am an eptopic survivor, so if you ever need to talk to someone aobut it I am here. Smile

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Hi Lizzie. I am in Canada so I have no idea how the British health care system works. I would just keep bugging them. Did they give you a reason to not have IVF?

I lost a baby in March. As we did not know the gender I named our baby Bailey. I was lucky that we have a miscarriage support team in our city. It really helped out. There is also the Baby/Infant loss board here


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Sorry if this is too personal.....But have you lost both tubes?? If so then I would imagine you should be able to appeal any fertility coverage you have since it would be the only way you could get preg.............Obviously any other treatments would be lost on you if you did not have both tubes.....

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Hi Liz! :wavehello: Glad you decided to join us!! 2 Liz's is so much better than 1! Lol!

I have no info about IVF or appealing but wanted to wish you the very, very best of luck. We will all be praying for you and the decision. So sorry to hear about your losses. :bigarmhug:

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Liz, glad you came here! I'm sorry about your ectopic and having to deal with NHS about your IVF....I hope they will reconsider! I live in Canada and don't really know much about IVF (altho we are considering it too at the moment), but I really hope they will cover it for you!

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Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for all the response,
In answer to your question hun I now have no tubes at all, we have an appointment in October with the fertility nurse so we will be asking questions and will hopefully have researched how to appeal by then

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HEY. Welcome!!!! So sorry to hear about your losses. I wish you the very best of luck!!!