Brief Intro (child ment)

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Brief Intro (child ment)

Just thought I'd provide a brief intro since I've been lurking/posting here lately. I recognize several of you, but I'm sure not everyone knows who I am. I joined a couple of years ago when we weren't having success TTC (led to lots of googling). I was in my early 30s when we started TTC and thought it would happen in under a year. Wrong. When we hit the one year mark we started testing with an RE and I was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve (high FSH). We started with femara/IUI and then moved on to IVF. After two failed cycles, we were told that we should consider donor eggs (between the two cycles I only had 3 embryos that stopped dividing at 4 cells). We decided to use up leftover meds while we were saving for a donor egg cycle and had unexpected success with an injectable/IUI cycle. Our DS is now 17 months old. We're TTC again, naturally, and I'm not really sure where to post around here so I tend to post all over the place. I'm hoping to be a "normal" woman (hence my postings in the TTC 0-24 month board). I spent a lot of time originally on the IVF board and still go there (unfortunately there are still lots of familiar faces there). I also posted here because it took us three years the first time (although at this point I'm only on my 5th PP cycle). I do some board hopping, too, although I'm not sure how long I'll be able to continue watching others stay on a board while I continue on. Until I stop bf'ing my DS we aren't going to pursue treatment with our RE and we don't think we'll ever try IVF again. That's my story in a nutshell.

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Hi Beth! Smile I too have been a board hopper as I have no "home" anymore on here. Sad I love your story and hope that you will be blessed with another child. *Hugs* You've always been such a great support to me! I like your idea and shall introduce myself as well, since I've been posting here recently too.

I've been a member since 2007. I started on the Clomid board and moved on to the IVF board. I was originally diagnosed in 2005 with PCOS and have had trouble with blocked fallopian tubes as well. A lap in 2006 cleared my right tube and another lap in 2009 cleared my left tube. So as far as I know both my tubes are still open now. My husband was diagnosed with male factor (low counts and motility) and we later discovered it is due to a balanced translocation of chromosomes 14 and 21. In 2010 I was told I have premature ovarian failure due to high FSH. My RE will no longer treat us unless we want to use donor eggs but with my husbands issues as well we've been recommended donor embryos. Easy enough to find right?! *sigh* Anyhow, I was having regular cycles for a little over a year (no clue why as that was what brought me to a PCOS diagnosis) so we are not preventing. I haven't had af since June and have been taking Maca Root in an attempt to balance my hormones and see if I can get cycles again. I've found it very hard to just stop ttc altogether. The dream is still there to have another child. We've done multiple IUI's with Clomid, Femara, and injectables, as well as 3 attempts at IVF (all 3 cancelled due to poor response). I hope you don't mind if I continue to lurk and offer support in any way I can.

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Hi Ladiiesssss !! I know both of you soo welcome !! Everyone here is sooo nice and comfortingg Smile

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Hi and Welcome! There is a great group of women on here!!

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Hi Beth!!
So nice to 'meet ' you after so long of just seeing you around.
What journey you have had. It's sad fir us yet brings another strong woman to join us. I swear if we had to we could take on the world together!!!!
I wish 2012 is the magic year for you.
Much love!!

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I like you, Mrs.Doolittle.