Camping or Geek Fest?

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Camping or Geek Fest?

So.... in two weeks we got invited to go camping up north with my two sisters. They booked two camp sites beside each other in Algonquin Park (google it - it's amazing) and they asked Rob and I to come up for the weekend.

I was all set to go, spoke to both sisters, made the plans. Then I find out today that it's the same weekend as Polaris, which is the former Toronto Trek conference (Star Trek Convention). Polaris is awesome and geeky and lots of people from my favourite geeky TV shows and movies will be there. We had already planned to go to Polaris with some friends of ours anyway.

I can't decide what to do.

I've never been to Polaris as I usually hit the bigger FanExpo in Toronto in August. But this year I will be in a different province so I can't go to FanExpo. If you didn't know already, DH and I are HUGE geeks (comic books, sci-fi, etc)! And I've always wanted to go to Klingon Karaoke!

I also think this might be my only chance to camp all summer. I haven't seen either sister since Christmas and it would be fun, but much more fun with DH. If I go, that means a three hour drive to/from alone (well, with the dog as he will come) and sleeping alone in the tent in the woods with BEARS (again with the dog).

I hate decisions!

Oh yeah...and it will be around or just after O time...depending on whether this is AF I have right now. If I stay home and go to Polaris, DH will be staying in the city in a hotel so no DTD either way which will royally suck.

And DH said he will not go camping. So if I'm going, I go alone.

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You can't take my opinion on this since I HATE CAMPING! LOL! I have no help to offer. I think you should really think it over with DH.

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The con, of course! I'm a geek too and go the ones around here. Smile Besides, camping...yuk! hehehe. I have some pics on my Flickr with some celebrities (think the link is under my profile here).

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I'm the other way round...I would pick Camping....but its your decision....maybe you could 'Inny minny miny moe' to decide. Smile

Have I read that R can't come camping?

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R won't go because he wants to geek out all weekend.

I'm not sure it's worth the three hour drive north for just me. I wouldn't get there till dark, have to set up my huge tent without him there and sleep with the bears alone! Not sure I want to do that.

I'm leaning towards geek fest but I have two weeks to decide....

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I think you should try the game in Friends where Phoebe says two answers and Joey replies with his fav one...that will do you..get Rob to make up loads of questions and he can through that one in have to answer real fast!!

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I vote Geekfest Smile I would love to go to something like that. You can go camping anytime, right?

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I vote for the Geekfest, too, and I'm not even that much of a geek myself Wink