Can we chat?

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Can we chat?

Just wondering what everyone is feeling right now and how you're getting along.

AFM, I'm feeling very old, LOL.

We're off to a rocky start this month, as we had to stop BD a little short of the prize because of ME this time. My right leg, from my hip down into my knee, started to hurt something FIERCE. It's been an ongoing issue (the other hip, too), but last night's extracurricular activities really set it on fire. Siiiiiigh.

Ah well, this too shall pass, right? It will be okay Smile

I have to admit, though, I am really starting to think I'm too old for this anymore. (I know 43 isn't that old, but as far as ttc goes, some might say it is.)

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Aww Mary you are not old. :bighug: I say keep trying!!!!!

AFM, other than trying to have a BD marathon...I'm okay! NOthing new and exciting to report.

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Awe Mary, you are not old. You have an issue with your hip and that can happen at ANY age. Just stay positive and go to the doctor if things get worse.

AFM, for the most part, I hold my own when it comes to not having a child, but today it is really getting to me. I am sitting at work ready to cry. I don't know why. It just hit me like a ton of bricks. I try to be strong especially since DH said he isn't sure anymore if he wants a child b/c he likes our life the way it is. Normally it doesn't bother me, but I guess with the holidays approaching I'm feeling a bit down and out. I can't talk to DH about it b/c he won't understand, so I hold it in and bottle it up.

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*hugs* Mary and Combatcutie! I wish TTC wasn't so hard for all of us!

I'm just blah... in a few weeks I will have my third nephew this year - all three were unplanned by our various younger siblings (fun huh!)

That combined with my insanely short cycle last cycle and the EDD that passed for my loss from last March (11/11/11). At least I was away at a wedding for the weekend. I tried to be distracted but I was just in a bad mood and all weepy just the same. I had fun though and I'm glad I went.

I'm just so ready to be done with TTC. It sucks though because I feel like DH is on board more now that he was before. I just hate all the poking, proding, blood draws, injections, meds, calls, early mornings, and stress from trying to re-arrange my work schedule. I just don't feel like doing it anymore...

At least we are taking a break for Christmas which is good. I need to not think about it for a bit (and heck, Christmas is like 6 weeks away!! eek!)

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Nothing new with me I just lurk. I did tell my husband I gaave him an extra year to try. If Im not pregnant by feb then I will persue IVF. If I am then I get a new kitchen. I hope everyone else feel better.

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[QUOTE=combatcutie]Awe Mary, you are not old. You have an issue with your hip and that can happen at ANY age. Just stay positive and go to the doctor if things get worse.QUOTE]

I was going to say exactly this!! I have had similiar things happen to me while DTD, so that does not make you old Smile I say that you should follow your heart, your age is just a #. :bigarmhug::bigarmhug::bigarmhug:

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Dawn - Thank you :giveflower: I really wish I could come give you a nice, warm, hug in person. My heart really goes out to you. I remember what it was like all those years I wanted a child and couldn't have one. :bigarmhug:

Rachael - UGH about the 3 unplanned pregnancies. And huge hugs about all that you're having to go through, I know that can't be easy. Hang in there, girl. Glad you'll get a break over Christmas. Oh, and here's an extra hug in honor of your EDD :bigarmhug:

Thanks to all of you for the encouragement :grouphug: and thank you for chatting with me. I've been wondering how all of you are doing, especially those of you who lurk a lot but don't post much.

Can't wait to hear how everyone else is doing.

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I'm sorry that you are having a rough go it today. It must be in the air as today has been pretty rough for me as well. :bighugs: to everyone.

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I am pretty sad nowadays. Seems to me that pretty much every mother who wants #2 is getting it....except for me. I can't even get away from it....there's pg annoucements at daycare, at playdates, even at freakin' WORK!!! There is only 2 of us who can possibly get pg....the other mom has a little boy a few months younger than me and just announced her pg last week.

I also know of another mom who is a year older than me - and she is pg with #2!!!!

I've been tested and other than age-related (being 40 and all), there is absolutely no reason why we can't be pg....and yet, we still aren't pg.

I am so desperate, I would just go for IUI...heck, even IVF and be done with it. But DH keeps saying that he is ok with ONE.'s the problem: I AM NOT OK WITH ONE!!!

I have cut back a lot even coming here, b/c it just makes me so sad for myself, even as I am happy for everyone else here.

Sorry about getting everyone down, but it is very frustrating to me and I don't always feel that even DH is supporting this, much as he is a great guy.

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I know I don't really belong in this circle, but it took us 2 years to get pregnant again after our loss in '06 and thus I can relate with some of you ladies. :bigarmhug: I think of you ladies often and pray for you guys that you will get the desires of your hearts.

And, Mary, I wanted to add that I have sciatica and have since I was 16. It's a genetic thing and just the way I'm built. I put off seeing my chiro for money reasons and usually end up going in after DTD sends searing pain down my legs. I've experienced this a few times each year since I started DTD. I'm not going to share what age that was, but I'm *only* 29 now. It's not an age thing at all. :comfort: