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Has anyone heard from Carissa ??

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Hey!! Sorry I am here!!! I had to create another screen name becuase I got locked out of my other. MissyJ is hopefully fixing it for me. They aren't kidding when they say update your profile lol Smile

So sweet of you to check up on me!!! I have been following all you ladies on here but haven't been able to post since I couldn't log in. I think and keep you all in my prayers. I know I would not be where I am without all of your ladies support!!!

I am doing well. We just had our 20 wk US a few days ago and we are expecting a healthy baby GIRL!!!! I was totally shocked. I was convinced she was going to be a boy, I was wrong!!!! I posted some pics on the July 2012 boards a few min ago.

I miss all you girls!!!!

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I missed you !! I was getting nervous because you always stop by on this board !! Im glad your ok im going to look at your pics now

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Sorry Tash....
Meant to reply to this thread earlier and say she was okay.
Internet was playing up a bit.
But carissa got here first.

Glad you posted carissa.... You and jen are are little rays of sunshine you know... and the 2 amandas!!
Sorry if I missed others off!
Thinking if it... This board is doing really well for grads!!!
Let's hope it gets even better!!

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So good to hear from you, Carissa! Congrats on the girl! (Off to the July board.... Lol

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YAY for girl! I would love to have another girl!!!

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So glad everything's going well with you, girl!!!! love ya!!! Smile