cd24/7dpo spotting *TMI warning*

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cd24/7dpo spotting *TMI warning*

so i've been posting about my odd temps this month, but today i had some light brown spots on my panties so i did a cervix check. some light brown, light pink mucus was coming out. there isn't very much at all. the rest of the day, nothing was on my panty liner. sorry to share so much, but i checked my cervix a few more times through the day as the panty liner was clean. sure enough, there was some pink/brown mucus on the cervix. i did get a head ache this afternoon, too. that might be from stress though. the kids come back to school tomorrow - i teach middle school.

while i know my temp is high still (97.9 today) and i have some spotting, i am still doubtful and fearful to test. i have no other symptoms - sore breasts, more acne/lack of acne, bloating, hunger, etc. not to mention that my cervix is like it is before af! Sad i hate her. i had a feeling like af came during a meeting today and bolted down to the restroom to see nothing.

last, i was on norethin ace last cycle in preparation for my lap. the lap was cancelled but i am wondering if the meds messed up my cycle and it caused light spotting. has anyone been on this and seen spotting after being off the med for month?

geez - i wrote a lot. sorry!

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I really hope the reason everything's going on is because you have a SUPER HEALTHY, super sticky little baby growing inside!!!! Smile :) Smile

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I agree with Liss and hope and pray that all this is a little bean getting snuggled in! If you read up on symptoms a lot and I mean a lot if ladies don't get anything until 5 or 6 weeks !!
A Kate period can be the first sign!!
I truly hope this is the case for you!!!
And 7 dpo is a perfect time for implantation!!