CD3 Test Results - Help with Interpretation

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CD3 Test Results - Help with Interpretation

Hi Ladies:

I've read that it's best to interpret the CD3 results together versus as individual numbers. Can anyone provide some insight into my numbers? I know the AMH and follicle count are not good. The others are good. But, again, not sure what the "big picture" might be?

I get a progesterone test on Monday (I will be 6 DPO - on CD23) which I can provide results for later. I will meet with the RE on the 30th. Just want to be prepared as to whay he might say / suggest!

I will be 41 in December and I have 2THB, but have had two miscarriages (November and July). If that info helps at all.

LH: 3.96
AMH: 0.63
Estrogen: 56
FSH: 7.5
Prolactin: 3.82
TSH: 2.05
7 Early Follicles


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This is good for FSH
What Is a Normal FSH Level for Women? | eHow

Your prolactic is close to the bottom of the range of 3-27 that my clinic gives, but I think I low prolactin is good.

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I can't help at all I am afraid but wanted to send best wishes

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The low AMH with the slightly higher FSH to me would indicate a possible diminished ovarian reserve (DOR). For that diagnosis, FSH should be over 10 though so you are still under the threshold. AMH is produced by the eggs you have left in your ovaries. Low AMH usually means your supply is dwindling. The FSH thus has to rise higher for your body to get an egg out of storage so to speak.

All other counts look in the normal range. Estrogen is low which is good, because high estrogen on CD3 can mean a cyst. If a cyst is not present and you had high estrogen still, that's another warning flag for DOR.

Has your doctor given you a plan yet? Or just still in the testing phase?

Low AMH is also an indicator that you will likely not respond well to medications to stimulate ovulation if you go that route. If you do go down that road you may have to take much higher doses of medications for them to work. You may not be a candidate for low level meds like Clomid or Femera...