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Check in

So how is everyone doing?
Good and bad.

I'm doing okay.
Work have just changed my hours from 8am to 11am instead of 6am to I am very happy, plus its a different job so I won't be pulling cages and counting...Wayhey!!!!!!

Plus FIL took my car into london to his garage to sort the drive shafts and also did my MOT and brakes...very happy. Oh and M has bought me a new wing mirror for the one that some sod smashed off!

So all good in the hood!
Boring yes...but I like mundane sometimes!!!

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Liz, Boring is GOOD! I would settle for boring Smile Glad to hear they changed your work hours too, the other ones sound awful! I would hate getting up that early! You also reminded me I need to find a new side mirror too some kiddo rode their bike into mine and smashed it to bits.....

AFM- Just the same ol same ol. Had another draw yesterday and in 1 week my levels went from 113 to 92......Blech still going down but could they go faster!!!??? The Dr. said all is ok as long as it is gong down! Hmm, let's see kids are out of school for the summer and we have been gong to swim lessons. My mom's family was here from Germany for a month, (they left yesterday) So we have been hanging out with them quite a bit, which has also led to planning a trip there, (as well as Italy, France, etc) next Spring which will be fun since it will be the first time my kiddos or my DH have ever been out of the country...... On a side note I have been thinking of the benefits of having only 2 kiddos, like being able to take big trips like that.....Hmm, that is about it just plugging away at life over here.

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Got my OB appt today...not looking forward to going. I just want to get it over with so badly!!

Last day of school is Monday. YAY!! Some rest, well hopefully! House should be done soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We should be moving by 1st week of July!!! So So ready to move in already.

Other than that I really hope I caught that egg this month but let's see. It's too bad I can't BD today but I gave it a shot last night so I can only hope at this point.

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Liz- glad they changed your work hours. I don't know how you managed that! Are you going to test anytime soon?? 16 dpo girl!

Carissa- I'm assuming you can't try again until your levels reach zero? And did the doctor tell you how long that should take? ((HUGS)) A trip to Europe sounds fabulous!

Marisol- Wow, I can't believe y'all are still in school. You must start later in the year than we do in Texas (we start the last week in August.) GL moving!

AFM- we have a wedding to go to this weekend and then I'm heading up to Dallas to see my BFF. I will be there almost a week and really looking forward to getting away and taking my mind off of things.

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Liz - yay for all the GOOD "news" (get it? New hrs, new assignment, new brakes, etc.;))

Carissa - hope those levels go down faster *hugs*

Marisol - yay for the last day of school!

AFM, been fighting a stomach bug/flu for 3 days now... seems to finally be coming to an end tonight, I think. Good thing cuz my poor bum is getting sore, lol. At least I didn't have to deal with puking on top of it, though I have had nausea.

My temp took a nice jump yesterday and stayed up, BUT... it might be from being sick, don't really know. Only time will tell.

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Sorry Amanda, meant to reply to you, too. Think this sickness has fried my brain. Hope you have a good time at the wedding! Smile

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Mary - sorry about the flu/sickness! On a side note, how do you live in FL? It was SOOOOO hot while we were there! I couldn't imagine being there full time! Kudos to you!

Amanda - enjoy the wedding and your week vacation!

Liz - yay for getting the car fixed and better hours!

Carissa - glad the numbers are going down. That must be exciting to go on a trip as well!! I loved England when I was there and would love to hit the rest of Europe one day!

Marisol - I guess you got your other news since your post. Take a breather and relax from TTC while you get the fibroid fixed. *hugs*


We got back from Florida last night after driving straight since Friday morning! We left around noon after having brunch with my parents, then drove straight to Tennessee, slept for two hours, then "tandem napped" the rest of the way through Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. We were SOOOO happy to get home. Too bad it was too late to get our doggy from the kennel as they close at 8 PM. We got him today and he is already passed out sleeping on our couch (I bet it's very loud and stressful there so I'm sure he will sleep all day).

Our vacation was fun. We did so many things! I'll post some pics later but my USB cable died to get the pics off my camera so I have to find a card reader. My parents rented us a jet ski which was fun (we went out to the gulf of mexico on it and found some dolphins! It was awesome). We went to Universal Studios twice, and I HIGHLY recommend the new Islands of Adventure park! Friggin awesome rides despite record heat wave (it was 107F in the park on our first day). We went to NASA/Kennedy Space Centre and I bought my first ever baby item which is a Star Trek baby jumper (some people think buying baby stuff is a good thing to show the universe what you want). Lots of swimming in the Ocean and my parents pool. Lots of good food too. We saw a ton of alligators at Myakka River State Park (we went on one of those air boat rides). Got sun burned only once which is good since I'm blond and I do burn easily. Got a bit of a tan now.

My surgery is Wednesday so I'm a little worried about that. Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow either. I bet I will have 1000 or more emails to look at!! I'm resisting the urge to turn on my blackberry and read my email now though to get a head start. I'm also being lazy when I should be doing laundry and grocery shopping.

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Rachael - it isn't easy... we stay indoors in the a/c a lot when it's hot like this. Sounds like you had a great time! Can't wait to see pics. Hope your surgery goes smoothly. Ick @ the thousand or more emails. I don't envy you.

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Driving to Dallas today the thermometer on my car never got below 107. At one point it said 113!! There were a ton of wildfires along the way because everything is so dry.

The key to surviving the heat = a pool!! Dirol