Chinese Medicine--Infertility Cure

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Chinese Medicine--Infertility Cure

I am currently reading The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis, Ph.D. (The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies)--which I highly recommend! I have read a ton of research on the internet regarding Chinese Medicine & Infertility and DH and I are very interested in this method... it just seems a little overwhelming... there are a ton of different supplements on the market and things that boost sperm production... How do we decide which ones to use??? I've read about Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan, Pycnogenol, Maca... they all sound great, but should they all be taken together? Or should we decide on just one, and if so, which one do we pick?? Obvioulsy, the change in diet is a no-brainer... and we are on all the proper vitamins already... DH refuses to try acupuncture (needle phob), so that one is out of the question. But we are open to try/do just about anything at this point...

Anyone else out there have success with Chinese Medicine? I would love to hear your stories/suggestions/input!!!!!!

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I had a wonderful acupuncturist for a while. She was very knowledgable about different herbs. I only stopped going because my husbands surgery expenses made it irresponsible to keep paying for weekly visits. Obviously, it didn't quite work for me, but she knew there was something wrong, which was more than the doctor I was seeing at the time did. I found it to be quite an enjoyable and relaxing experience, and indeed helped immensely with the psychological aspects.

I would definitely recommend seeing an acupuncturist or some other person knowledgable in such herbal medicine. Even if he doesnt want to do the needle part of it (my hubby is scared of them too, even though they arent really needles lol) they prescribe the different herbs and know about the dosing and such. Seems safer to me than trying to figure it out on ones own Smile

Wishing you the best of luck! KUP Smile

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I also have that book and love it!! I wish my husband was more openminded to alternative therapies at the time. My husband is a HUGE needle phob as well! It honeslty doesn't hurt one bit though. I did acupuncture when I did my IVF cycles, but that was it. I had thought often of seeking advice from an acupuncturist that dealt with herbs etc as well. If you are wanting to give it a try, I would see a professional and have herbs recommended by him/her. It would save on all the confusion. Just my 2 cents. Smile

**Side note** The kicker in my situation, now that I'm dealing with premature ovarian failure, along with alot of allergy issues over the past year, my husband has been suggesting I go have a consultation with a naturopath!!! *rolls eyes* Really hun?!! I swear our story is in the same book, just not on the same chapter most days... LOL!!

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While I cannot actually attribute our success to the methods in the book, 18 months after making the lifestyle changes and taking supplements, our IUI was a success. Do I think those methods played a role in the success? Most definitely. I went into that IUI (we had three failed attempts 18 months earlier) 40 pounds lighter and the most fit I had every been. Not only did that help with my response to the injectible meds we used, but I went on to have an extremely healthy twin pregnancy that went full-term. So, I do believe it was helpful and I continue to recommend it.

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Ditto ditto ditto...
Even if you're not interested in the acupuncture part, seek out a qualified naturopath/acupuncturist/chinese herbalist!!! Smile
That is what we did, and even though I would've loved the acupuncture, we never had any, much to DH's relief haha.

The insight and help deciphering exactly what type of herb/supplement was right for our bodies was only part of the plan - Chinese medicine is very holistic, so you can expect there to be a lot of questions regarding your diet and lifestyle, too... and changes are expected to be made in every area of your life.

It's tough to make so many changes and to start viewing your body/life as a whole, but as our acupuncturist said, "Couples who are trying to conceive have the greatest success on these programs because they have the most motivation!" So true. Smile

The appointments can be a little pricey, but knowing that I wasn't allergic to anything I was taking and that I was actually taking something that was CONFIRMED that I needed (rather than me doing the self-diagnosis thing hehe) was all worth it.

One last thing - it was really hard to convince my husband that he needed to cut back/out the caffeinated sodas that he was swigging like there was no tomorrow, and that it was time to cut out all of the processed junk we were eating... but the fact that each appointment was $75-$100 plus the cost of supplements helped motivate him to really try to get his money's worth, so to speak. Smile