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Church (OT)

Girls - I'm not religious...

I have to go to church next weekend for my new nephew's christening. I was not raised religiously, I know nothing about church. (technically we were Anglican but I've only been to church a handful of times).

What do I wear? Is it like "dress" dressy? Or would nice jeans, heals, and a blouse be ok? I don't think I even own a dress (or a nice blouse really!)

Also, it's in French.... I understand enough to get by, but basically - stand when they stand, sit when they sit, right??

Church = PANIC for me!!

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Dont wear jeans toooo formal maybe a pair of slacks and a nice shirt you can wear heels if you want maybe a nice pair of sandals depending on the weather

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I agree, jeans are too casual. Some slacks or a skirt would be better. Don't worry about all the formalities, I am sure they will just be happy to have you there. Smile

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It depends on the church, but normally for a special occasion such as a baptism, family dresses up a little more formally, so I'd go with a blouse and skirt (or dress), but it doesn't have to be anything fancy. Again, it really depends on the church and what is common for your area. The church I grew up in here in FL is pretty casual since it's close to the beach. Think sandals/flip-flops and long shorts/capris, LOL.

Personally, I think we (Americans) put too much emphasis on how we dress for church. As long as you are clean and don't wear something that's distracting, I don't see a problem with whatever you want to wear.

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Iwent to a christening on sunday..there is a pic of what I wore on FB.
Mostly the ladies were in things like young lad wore jeans and a denim shirt and the odd comment was made about making an effort. Smile
THe men wore either suits or shirt and trousers. Smile

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I tend to agree. To regular mass, I've seen people go in jogging pants, but to something like this, I say a nice pair of capris or dress pants. It's funny b/c men could get away with wearing nice jeans and a button down shirt and nothing is said. But god forbid a woman wear jeans, the world stops

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Wear something similar to what you'd wear to a summer garden outdoors wedding (ie, no floor length evening gowns lol) ...a cute dress with sweater & heels or skirt with blouse would be plenty appropriate. For me, personally, I always feel like you can't really go wrong with a dress/skirt... pants have so many variances in style, formality, y'know..
I've actually never been to a christening, tho, so I could be totally wrong... just have been to lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of worship services, weddings, funerals, etc.. y'know...I'm a preacher's kid

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Thanks girls.

I literally am the most un-girly person. I don't own dresses or skirts or blouses at all. All I own are jeans and sweatshirts and tshirts!!

I leave in two days - better hit the store tonight!

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Yeaa... Get slacks so ur comfy

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"blissfulliss" wrote:

y'know...I'm a preacher's kid

another PK here Smile