Clomid anone?

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Clomid anone?

Hi! Im Stephanie and Im new here! :newbie: Anywhooo, I have been TTC for about 9 years, Our son just turned 9! He was a surprise baby and well haven't gotten preggo since! So we have begun Clomid, this is the 2nd cycle. Anyone else used Clomid? Any success? I just saw an urgent care DR for strep throat and he mentioned he and his wife used clomid 20+ yrs ago with no result. I am really praying for success and SOON! :confused:

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Hi and welcome Stephanie
I am sorry you have been trying for 9 years.
Have younhad tests and such?
I can't comment on clomid but some of the girls here have experience with it..and lots more girls around the board.
Glad to have you join us in our little kitchen.
Look forward to finding out more about you.

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Hi Stephanie,

I took Clomid for 2 cycles and couldn't handle the side-effects that followed with it. It gave me horrible migraines the whole entire month and basically left me unable to function at work all day. Some have side-effects, others don't. I'm already prone to migraines, so I think Clomid probably wasn't the best choice for me.

Good Luck on what you decide on. Biggrin

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I was on 2 cycles of Clomid (100mg) on days 3-7. I don't think I had a problem ovulating, but my RE prescribed it anyway. While on Clomid I also had an IUI done and I think that is really what helped me get my BFP that second cycle. I never had any problems with Clomid, no crazy side effects except hot flashes. I also took my Clomid at night in order to avoid any side effects (like nausea).
Hope it works for you! xoxo

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Hey. I know a couple of people who have taken it and got pregnant right away. However, they both thought the side effects were terrible. Good luck!

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Hi Stephanie, welcome and thanks for posting! :wavehello:

I took Clomid on and off for 10 months and did manage one BFP from it. I didn't have any horrible side effects except the hot flashes, but like PP said I took it at night to bypass as many side effects as possible. I have a lot of friends who took it and had success right away. I hope the same holds for y'all. GL!

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Welcome!! I took 12 cycles of clomid over the course of 3 years at different dosages, and only Oed twice both times resulted in a BFP. Unfortunately I miscarried the first and the second resulted in an ectopic and the loss of my left tube in Nov, (see siggy). As far as side effects if you take it right before bed it will help you sleep through the worst if you have any side effects at all. Good luck!!! Smile

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Thanks Ladies for all the responce. We left all of this up to God for 9 years and now I am obssesing on becoming pregnant.
I am just getting ready to start my 3rd cycle of clomid and the Dr upped me to 100mg the last cycle. But now I have lst all my drive. We are praying for multiples as I want more kiddos and want to not have to go thru this again.
No horrible side effects, actually none at all. Smile

Ihad a couple questions (sorry Im new to this)
What is BFP?
What is RE?

Thanks again!!

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BFP = big fat positive (pregnancy test)
RE = reproductive endocrinologist (fertility specialist)

Others to know:
BFN = big fat negative
DH = darling husband
DD = darling daughter
DS = darling son
HH9M = happy, healthy 9 months
FRER = First Response Early Result
POAS = pee on a stick
BD = baby dance aka sex