Consult with RE after canceling IUI

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Consult with RE after canceling IUI

I absolutely ADORE our RE!!! We had a second consult with him this afternoon, after canceling our IUI this cycle (due to DH's low count). Based strictly on the facts, he recommended moving on to IVF. However, he did not discourage us from trying IUI for next 3-5 cycles. If #'s are low again next cycle, we'll try again the next cycle, and so on. After 3-4 cycles of trying, w/o any changes in SA's (if #'s stay low), he recommeds we skip to IVF.

He did say that #'s can vary drastically from day to day, week to week... And he did say that the stress of the situation can greatly affect the counts. So who knows... Maybe now that we've "been there, done that" it won't be so stressful the second time...

Some good news... he said my US from this past cycle was positive. He said my lining looks great, and they saw a couple of good follicles. He still feels that I am doing a great job O'ing on my own... my bloodwork was all as it should be after O'ing. So that's a relief! Since I've pretty much had zero work-up, it's nice to know that everything appears as it should...

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Sounds like a great appointment! Its true, those numbers change all the time.

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That's great! I'm glad your RE is working with you instead of being an IVF pusher Smile

Fingers and toes crossed and lots of baby dust for next cycle!!! Smile

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That is awesome news!!
Keeping everything crossed. Smile