Darn Answer Brand!!!

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Darn Answer Brand!!!

I passed the time to use the monitor Sad so I went and bought some Answer Brand tests. (Opk) and I'm now on my 5th day of BLAZIN' POSITIVE tests!!! UGH!!!!!!! I totally O'd already I know my body by now so why do these tests do this? If I"m not mistaken this has happened before with this brand just don't know for how many days.

UGH!!!! Just needed to vent. I'm also so miserable with this sinus infection I'm on 3 different kids of meds right now. Sad I hate hate hate my sinuses and this is post surgery can you imagine how I would get before it. Sad

Okay vent over...

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I had problems with Answer tests...I thought it was just me! Yeah, it showed posistive like day 9-16

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Yep, I had probs with the Answer brand, too. Sorry you aren't feeling well! Hope you feel better soon.