Didn't work out (child ment)

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Didn't work out (child ment)

Sorry I disappeared on all of you after my Jun 18 U/S. That U/S did not go well, and today's just confirmed no growth. There were 2 sacs and 2 fetal poles, but no HB and no growth.

I'm sad and disappointed but the devastation and tears were all done last week. I have tears (who wouldn't?) but I'm strangely relieved and can't wait to get back to running and biking and enjoying my summer. Thank God I have my incredible daughter.

After the summer, we will continue trying, hope to be back with a better pg.

Hope you ladies are all doing well!!

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I am so so sorry Sophia

At a loss for words really.
Please know I am here if you need anything okay.
You are in my thoughts!!!!!!

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So sorry Sophia... (((HUGS)))

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Sophia, I'm heartbroken! I'm so incredibly sorry!!! :bighugs:

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Once again, hugs sweetie!

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So sorry Sad :( Sad :( Sad :(

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:bigarmhug: So sorry Sophia Sad

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:bigarmhug: I'm so sorry Sophia. :bighug:


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So sorry Sophia.

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*hugs* so sorry to hear this! Sad