Dinner (OT)

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Dinner (OT)

So I am getting sick of making the same old stuff for dinner. Tonight I made a rice/black bean cajun dish with corn bread. I just threw together some stuff and it was REALLY good, but too spicy for the kids so I then had to make them mac n cheese, (it was organic does that count???) Anyway what is your favorite dinner recipe?????

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I make a mean chicken pie...think thats my speciality pie and cakes!!!! Smile
I use Jamie Olivers 30 minute book for a lot of stuff too...although I don't have half the equipment so takes longer...LOL
The chicken asian broth is fantastic!!!!
I like doing things from scratch...even make my own bread in winter to dunk into homemade soup.....cor...if you had asked this 3 years ago I would have said Mac donalds or cornflakes!!!...hahahahaha