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Dr appt.

Ok. Phew. I made the next dr appt. Sept 10th. To see where to go next and to talk about where we've been so far. (which has just been my family dr).
I always stress and work myself all into a frenzy before a new dr. And this is such a big deal to me. I'm soooo sooo worried that I will go in and they will either say, no, there's nothing to do. or you have to go home and lose 100 pounds before we talk about any help for you. (i weigh in the 240ish range). Or, just as bad, try for two more years and then we'll talk.
I had my two kids super early. Now I'm 31, and my hubby and I want to have another. At least one. He hasn't had the whole ride, and I want it, and want it for him so much. But with the kids, I was young and thin, and with PCOS, age and weight make all the difference in the world.
We've been timing and charting, and all for so long. We've tried some of the easier over the counter things, like pre-seed. Nothing at all. I only have maybe 3 or 4 periods a year, so it's frustrating to wait for those as it is. And I'm wondering if I ever ovulate. I'm pretty sure not, if temp charting is working right.
Anyway. Really looking for reassurance, or experiences from ladies who have been to the dr for these things before... Any advice please?? :help1:

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Sweetie, I could tell you stories... When I was 16 I went 6 months without AF. When I finally saw my doctor about it he freaked. I knew I could not be pregnant so I didn't notice, that cyst was the size of an orange.

As for weight, I weighed 240 when I got pregnant with Robbie. I am now 260 and 43 so I am worried. My appointment is August 30th.

I have been told (and am trying) that low carb-high fat (but good fats like coconut oil) helps with fertility issues due to pcos/insulin resistance, apparently you drop weight pretty quickly with that diet as well. Whole grains are bad for you if you have IR.

Also, with PCOS and being over 30 the wait time is 6 months, but take your charts and they will go over them.

Hugs sweetie. If you have specific questions that I can answer just ask.

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Firstly good luck for your appointment!!!!
I really hope they give you a plan of action!!

Secondly... I can't give advice... My problems are so different from you.

All I can say is that my friend Mel... Who posted here briefly... Who has diabetes and pcos and like you couldn't tell when she o'd is now 19 weeks pregnant. She is also 39.
Took her a year and a bit and 1 miscarriage sadly... But she's got there.
I really hope that you get your bfp soon and when you least expect it!!!

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HI Susan, I can understand what you are going through. I went off my BCPs in April 2009 and didn't get pregnant untill Aug 2010. We were JLIH. I went on prenatals in April 2010 when my dr realized I wasn't taking my BCPs. I'm a type 1 diabetic and didn't want anyone telling me NO. That did end in a m/c and we have been trying since with no luck. We tried for a year then I went to my dr with my charts in hand, at the time me cycles were about 33 to 35 days. I get a ton of black hairs on my chin so I left them so he could see. He looked at that and knew I had PCOS he did tons of blood work, an u/s and a HSG and of course sent DH for a SA. Well u/s and blood work came back and confirmed the PCOS. He didn't know if I could take metformin so I had to talk to my endo and I started that right away. It took a couple months to get the HSG done but when we did I found out I only have one tube connected but is clear. We are trying Femara for six months then I move to a RE but will not go untill I change insurance. I'm on month four.

As for your weight yes we should lose weight and of course we don't need anyone to tell us that. When I started metformin I was pushin 240 now I have lost over 10lbs. The low carb diet will help a lot I was already on it due to being diabetic. I also told the dr right up front that I know I need to lose weight and am trying but don't want to talk about that right now, he's never said anything about it.

I hope some of this helps. Good luck at your appt. If you have any questions you are at the right place to ask. Everyone on here will help as much as possible. Hope you get a BFP soon.

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Thank you very much ladies.

I do know the weight thing. I hate going to the dr and having them say things i obviously know. i just want to go in and not be told no. I just want something positive.
Actually i was about 270 last february, and then was down to 230 last august, and have slowly slid back up a bit. I'm trying. i really am. i have the most problems with losing when i get hit with anything depressing. i stop the excercising.

The thing that scares me the most is finally going in and admitting how very very much we want this, when there's a chance it might not work... Then it's that much more upsetting later if it doesn't. Not sure if that makes sense.
It really just feels good to be able to talk to anyone that will understand and be able to let some concerns and thoughts about it all out. Thank you ladies for being here and chatting Smile

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I get you there.

Why do they always have to say things like that.
Mind you... Big or small doctors always comment.

I have never been very big... But in January or there abouts my consultant in London mentioned my weight.
I was about 9 stone I guess then.
I mean!! Hello!!!!!

I have friends who are very big and I mean very big and they have had pregnancies no problem at all.

You've already admitted to how much you want this! You have admitted it to yourself so admitting it to your doc is no big deal.
Admitting it to yourself is the letting barriers down.
I believe that the trials we all go through make the end result even sweeter!!!!

None of us... With or without children (for now) can ever ever have anyone tell us we didn't want our lo's!!!
Every step has been longed for and planned by us.
Plus I am a great believer in if you want something bad enough you make it happen.

Sod all those people who say that if you stop trying it will happen!!!!