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I feel so hurt and angry!!
Weird as I don't even like the two faced woman... But...
Since we are the only couple without kiddies any thing that involves kids we aren't invited.
The only time I am included is if they want a babysitter.
This is 3 things now that we have been excluded from. 1 was a 3rd birthday party for a little girl I look after.
One of her brothers asked why I hadn't been there whereas everyone else had been.
The second was a break away.
And now another birthday do for a 1 year old.
Now I am not too fussed in essence as the mother has shown her true colours since fall g pregnant. ( caught her saying very mean things about me in jan, some about my problems keeping a pregnancy.
But to see pictures posted on Facebook with the rest of the group having fun and it's all kept from us. It hurts!!
And the worse thing is... I know that as soon as I have a successful pregnancy they are going to be climbing up my and m's bum!!
I have warned him that I will be telling them swiftly and in no uncertain terms where they can go!!!

Talk about maki g us feel like outsiders and weirdos!!!! And making me feel broken and unworthy!!!
Rant over!!
Thanks for reading!!

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Sorry those jerks hurt your feelings, Sweets. True friends don't treat you like that.


Sounds like you're better off without 'em!

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hugs!!! That hurts. I know I have been subject to the same thing. It hurts.

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Well one things for sure you do not need people like that in your life! They are clearly not worth it!! I would even stop baby sitting for them, but that's just me! I hold grudges big time! So sorry you had to deal with that! :bighug:

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Wow, that's a pretty awful thing to do, so sorry! Sad You deserve so much better!!! Don't need friends like that....


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So sorry you are going through this. How DARE she say anything negative about not being able to keep a pregnancy!!!! As far as I'm concerned, that would be the end of the so called "friendship". I would NOT babysit or anything ever again

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Eff them you are a great person!! They should have at least extended the invitation to you and DH! You will habe a successful preg and tell them to eff off when you do ! That was sooo mean of them smdh !

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How hurtful!! I'm so sorry Liz! I agree with the others, screw them! I wouldn't do any more favours for them! *HUGS* You are a wonderful person and don't need "friends" like that!!

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Ugh ugh, ew & ick!!!!! First tho, :bigarmhug: I am so sorry!! I know how badly that stings to be left out, even if, like you say, you end up going to the event and frickin babysitting the whole time....seems like there's no way to win in the situation... Fool

As for making unnecessary comments re: your pregnancies, that is absolutely uncalled for... I have a friend who made some EXTREMELY smug/hurtful comments about a mutual friend who lost a baby, just blabbing & being ignorant, really, but I was so shocked and stunned, I couldn't think of anything to say until much later, of course... darn...!!!!

I'm sorry that you're having to deal with this, and I don't think there's anything wrong with keeping a little distance between them once you get your BFP... it's hard to know who your true friends are sometimes, isn't it? :bigarmhug:

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Thanks girls!!!
The main culprit I don't babysit for. Considering we were good mates once her behaviour is abhorrent.
Find it really hard to even wave when she drives past me.
To be honest the group is so cliquey.
You're either in or our and I prefer to be out.
Everyone seems to gang up on the person not there uf that makes sense.
It's all way too childish for me.
Sod em all!!
I know where my friends are!!!

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My bookmarks on my browser broke, and it took me a while to get online long enough to fix them.. so I'm late chiming in. Thus, I have nothing new to add. But I wanted to add my :bigarmhug: in. Love you!

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So late to this but had to comment anyway.

So sorry, Liz! It's THEIR LOSS! You deserve better! You can love them from a distance but you don't have to like them or be friends with them!

Luvs yas!

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Love you all too xxxx