Exercising while TTC

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Exercising while TTC

So I've been feeling funky lately. I stopped exercising about a year and some change ago because I thought it might have been adversely affecting our efforts to get preggo. I'm 5'6 and was at 114lbs and feeling great (I know this sounds low but my family is built petite, my mom is 60 and at 5'4 weighs 110lbs and eats like a horse lol). Nw I'm up to 120 and my muscle has gotten squishy. I just lack energy and feel icky. I want to be all muscles again, and since exercise didnt seem to be the cause I'm throwing my hat back in the fitness ring.

I was wondering what all you lovely ladies do/think about exercising while TTC. Do you keep your heart rates down? Do you go all out? How many do yoga or other calming yet challenging workouts? What about boot camps?


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Not sure if this helps, but my sister and I were in the middle of doing a boot camp together a year ago when she found out she was preggo. She had paid a lot of money and they were unwilling to refund her the money (nice, huh)... Her OB doc actually encouraged her to continue going, however, anything high-impact (jumping jacks, running, etc) as well as any ab exercises, were out. They were good about giving her adequate alternatives to try... she finished the boot camp without any complications! She continued to exercise, mostly swimming, after the boot camp and did a great job at keeping her weight off during her pregnancy!

I would stick to low-impact... Yoga is great! Swimming/Water Exercises are also great! Good luck!!!!

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I've been part of a bootcamp group since last March and there has been 2 women get pregnant. They both continued (one was due last week and left us at Christmas, and the other is due in April) but modified some of the exercises. I was a member at a gym when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I was encouraged by my OB to continue. I was just told to keep my heart rate down (forget now what the # was) when doing cardio. I was pregnant through the summer and did alot of swimming in the last trimester. I would get back in to your exercise program, whatever it was or would like to try. Smile

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I spoke to a fertility specialist and they said not to stop your regular exercise routine. Modify anything that may be too strenuous, but don't stop what you are doing. Good luck

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I lost 32lbs last year while TTC and exercised 5 to 6 times per week. I just started back up this week and hope to loose at least 20lbs before we decided to try again. I was never told anything about it from the RE. I wouldn't worry unless it is too strenuous.