Fearfully joining the other side (PG ment)

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Fearfully joining the other side (PG ment)

There are some of you on this forum that have been following my story this past year (my 3rd year of TTC). I wanted to give a full update and let everyone know that I am going to put forth a complete effort to embrace this pregnancy and join the other side *dum-dum-dum* with the fertiles. (I will never be a fertile myself, of course)

To summarize, I have been to the doc every week since our egg retrieval. First for OHSS then for pg checks. Everything has been normal. Finally today we were able to have the nuchal scan. It was only .8! It is growing fast, the heart is good, and there is a normal amount of spinal fluid. Next week, 11, we have the high tech nuchal scan. I am nervous but today's preview has brought some relief.

When I started IVF, I was warned that I wouldn't have many eggs and therefore not many embryos. Out of the 17 eggs we started with, only 2 made it to 8 cells. I am literally carrying a 1-in-17 miracle of science. I am thankful for such great doctors. With this miracle, I feel I should come out and say I am trying to be happy pregnant. I must allow myself to be. It's hard. I'll fake it until it's real if I must.

Wishing everyone luck with where ever they are right now - Kate

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*hugs* Kate, it is always so hard to believe and be happy to be pg when we have been trying for so long. I have been wondering how you are doing and I am so happy to hear that everything is going well.

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Congratulation to you!!!
I understand how scary it all is.
I am so happy that it's going well!!
Please please please keep us updated!!
I am beyond excited for you.

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I'm so happy to hear an update and that all is going well. Hopefully, you'll be able to relax more after you enter the second tri. I'll be watching for updates in the future, too!

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Congrats! I am so going to be stalking you on the birth boards!

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We are all so happy for you!!!! :bighug:

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Congrats, Kate! Yahoo



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Thanks, Mary! It's been a hard time since the tri18 babe.

"FLSunshineMom" wrote:

Congrats, Kate! Yahoo



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