Feel like I'm skipping a part of life....(OT)

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Feel like I'm skipping a part of life....(OT)

Now that we have bought a house (moving in 6 weeks! EEEEK!) my parents just called me to let me know that I will be inheriting my grandmother's dining room set (table with a leaf, six chairs, and a gorgeous china cabinet).

Originally the plan was to give it to me in about 5 years when they retire and get a smaller place....but they found out today that they might need to store another dining room set for my step brother that he just inherited. Being that we have room and they do not, they might be giving it to me when we move now instead of in 5 years!

I love the idea but I feel like I'm skipping something... like...I don't want to have expensive nice furniture now without kids. It's almost like this is the stuff I would get or have when I had kids that were older. I can't imagine trying to keep it nice with kids around in the future!

Oh well... not going to turn it down though!

On a side note, my sister who has been *trying* to officially breakup with her boyfriend and move out of his house (unsuccessfully) has not made use of the boxes my mom was storing for her for moving so guess what, we took them! We got like 30 very good quality boxes that their basement tennant got from the hospital he works at. They were for hospital supplies so they are sturdy and thick and will be great for moving.

We also started packing this week and my house is a disaster!! I'm happy because we are starting early and can be more organized but it's sooo messy! This time we are packing everything ahead of time for the room they will go into so there are a bunch of 1/2 filled boxes laying around as we sort stuff from room to room.

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Yay for moving soon! Smile You can always buy furniture protector stuff, such as table top covers. My furniture's gotten beaten up but I find the dining room in better shape because it's hardly used like the other rooms. So hopefully that will ease your mind. Free furniture rocks. Smile

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At least you will have something to pass on to your babies when they get older !

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We love getting older furniture, they are generally made well....they just don't make 'em like they used to - at least, not without a lot of $$$$!! That's gonna be so nice in your new place!!

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That is great that you got some new furniture that has special meaning. I wouldn't worry about it getting ruined with little ones. If you cover it with a table cloth or protection of some sort it will be okay, especially if you don't use it on a daily basis. Moving is so much work! lol I think labelling your boxes per room is a great idea! That's what we did and it made it SO much easier for unpacking! How exciting Rachael! I hope your move goes as smooth as possible! Smile

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Here's my opinion. If the child is raised around it and raised around your rules, then you should be fine. The fact that it's dining room furniture is even better. If it were a couch or a bed, then it might get damaged easier. The other thing is if you wait until your kids can obey the rules or whatever, then you'll NEVER get it. Lol

I've been waiting for a new couch set and carpet.. but we are likely gonna have to wait until Evie is fully potty trained.. but then there's the possibility of her getting sick on it. It's a wonderful milestone for a germaphobe and someone who doesn't handle vomit well (talking about myself here...) when a child can run to the toilet or aim for a bowl. Lol Sorry, gross picture, I'm sure.

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so excited to hear of your move to come Rachael!
The furnature sounds beautiful! I am super happy that you get it for your new place now instead of waiting .... because waiting sucks - LOL! We've waited for too many things in our lives so it is great to hear when something comes sooner than later

Good luck with packing Smile

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Oooh! New furniture!!! New house!!! And nice FREE boxes that you didn't have to go digging in dumpsters for (yes...we did that when we moved... hahahahahhaha... what a fun date nite THAT made..:p )
Total score!!! Smile :) Smile
How is the packing coming along? Smile

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Packing is going well. I've realized I have waaaaay too much stuff despite throwing away a lot of it! I also need to find a way to get hubby to pack as he gets so distracted whenever he tries.

And no news on the furniture from my mom as my step-siblings still haven't made a decision on what they want to do. So...still waiting.

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Yahoo for new furniture! Good luck with all the packing.