Fertility Clinic appt (x-posted)

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Fertility Clinic appt (x-posted)

OK, just got home from the clinic. Appointment was for 3pm and finally left there at 5:30 - Pretty sure we were talking to the doctor for over an hour but lots of information.

So here is what is happening right now:

-blood work for both of us - hepatitis, hiv, etc
-blood work for me on day 3 - all the normal hormonal stuff
-standing hcg to be done on day 35 before taking progesterone - so no more cycles longer then 35 days before doing something
-sex 2-3 times/week - DH loves this one
-hsg - next cycle - no one has looked at my uterus to see if there is any issues....
-another sperm analysis for Sean (his last one was perfect)
-me - exercise 30 mins 5/week
-me - diet

-follow-up appt.

most likely IUI with injectables, he does not think that ivf is a way for us to go

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sounds like a great plan!!! so excited for you!! isn't amazing how quickly they get to work and how they listen to you!! Good luck!!!

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Hi Margaret! This is my 3rd attempt over the past few days to reply to your post...

Sounds like your appointment went really well! Wishing you all the best with IUI!! Biggrin