finally found answers

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finally found answers

I have high natural killer cells. Next cycle if this one isn't a bfp I will be on intralipds and prednisone. I hope and pray this is it for me.

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Ya! Hope this works out for you! It is so hard finding out the reasons for infertility with so many causes. It really makes you wonder how anyone gets pregnant!

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Is it RH factor or a different immunological issue?

crossing my everything for you.

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It's different. It's inflammation that attacks the baby every time it implants.

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I am so happy you have answers now!!
It's been a long road for you!!
I hope and pray you can now turn onto the junction of your real journey!!!!!
Excited for you!!!

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So glad you have some answers and a game plan! I have a friend who had a similar problem and was on a few different medications, the two you mention sound familiar, and she now has 20 month old twins. All the best to you!! Smile

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Just a warning about prednisone (in case you have not taken it before) - it makes you massively hungry! I always gain a bunch of weight not it, not so bad when you are pregnant but something to watch out for.

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:lurk: Glad you found some answers. Hopefully everything will work out. Prednisone is a wonder drug.. good luck!

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How great that you finally found some answers!!!!

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Renea, I'm soooo glad that you finally found answers to your questions - hoping & praying you'll have a sticky BFP VERY SOON!!! Smile