Finally got some answers (sort of...)

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Finally got some answers (sort of...)

Went to my appt today to get my HSG test results. They made a mistake and scheduled me for the day the doc isn't in. The NP still went over my results a bit with me.

My right tube is great. My left tube is all kinds of messed up. I was right about what it looked like on the screan during the test. It's partially blocked and there are "suspicious adhesions" in the cavity. I knew the first doc was full of it when he said that no flow was normal and then proceeded to tell me I didn't need two tubes anyway. Whatever.

So new appt tomorrow with the doc to find out where we go from here. Trying to keep my head up. At least now when people tell me to just relax and it will happen I can tell them they're wrong.

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"PinkyBean" wrote:

Trying to keep my head up. At least now when people tell me to just relax and it will happen I can tell them they're wrong.

Oh girl, I hear ya... people have no idea what they're saying... Yes, keep that head up... I realize everyone's infertility journey is different, and emotionally, we all handle it on varied levels, but I said the other day, after our cancelled IUI, I feel like this is just another small bump in our long infertility road. The important thing is I see light at the end of the tunnel... at least we're going somewhere (getting answers, making plans)... it just may take us a little longer than others. :openarms:


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Thanks Hun! That's how I feel too... At least we're going somewhere! Never stop fighting right? Smile

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Sorry to hear you didn't get the proper diagnosis by the first doctor! I'm glad you know now, perhaps they will do a laparascopy to clear things up? Its too bad they made the error and you didn't get to speak directly to your doctor about the results yesterday though.

You're right, people who don't go through fertility struggles firsthand, just don't seem to get it! Medical conditions people, medical conditions!!! That's what I always want to scream at them!! Its not a situation of "Well if it was meant to be..." NOBODY would say such a thing to someone diagnosed with a chronic illness!! *shakes head sadly*

YES!!! Just keep fighting!! Biggrin

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Oh I missed this yesterday I'm sorry!

I'm glad you got the test done, that's a good thing to have behind you. (I hated my test! I'm glad it's done!)

I'm sorry you are having to deal with the drs not knowing what they saw last time, and now your dr wasn't even there!
I hope they can fix the tube! But, even though it might be harder, I do indeed know some ladies who have had success with just one tube. Keep your head up honey and you're right, just keep fighting should be our motto here!! Smile

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Yeah for getting answers, Boo for them not being great answers. One tube is workable and it is possible that the hsg cleared out some of the blockage (I have heard of it happening).

It got to the point that for me when people would ask when we were going to have a baby I would answer "when God makes it so I can ovulate"! It shut people up and I rarely had to say it twice.