First prenatal visit and ultrsound :)

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First prenatal visit and ultrsound :)

Appointment was pretty fantastic!! Smile
AND they wanted their OWN dating ultrasound, so they ended the appt with a quick little look!! Now they are officially saying Feb 23, which is early, if you ask me. But who knows. This baby will come when it wants! lol

Little bean was measuring 8 weeks 4 days, heartbeat was 186 AND we saw him or her moving!! It was so exciting! Biggrin Everything looks wonderful in there!!

We scheduled a nuchal scan for Aug 20. Can't wait for more pics of this little sweetie!

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Yay Susan!! Congrats Mama! I am so happy for you!!! It sounds like your little baby is doing great!!!

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They are!! This is the same time as i lost the last one, and no signs of anything wrong at all. I'm so happy Biggrin

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Whoop!!!!! This is amazingly wonderful news!!!
So so so happy for you!!
Bean is sooooo gorgeous!!!

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Congrats!! So exciting!!