Follicle Scan.....

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Follicle Scan.....

Ok...not sure how to take it.....I'm starting to think my left ovary isn't working :confused: The Doctor said there were no follicles in there, the last 2 visits it barely showed up on the U/S.....but I'm not worried about it! The RIGHT ovary has 4 Follicles of measurable size!!! My biggest being 13x16mm, they want them over 20mm, the 3 others are about 10x10....hoping they catch up too so I have more released at the time of IUI! I rather have 4 chances than 1, just to give it better odds of it working! On the down side, if all 4 took, than I'm in trouble! The thought of quads kinda scares me, 4 of them 2 of us! But I have to go back Monday to see if their growing, if so than IUI will be 11-30-11

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Just FYI, they may not do it if you have four. I had four released, and I had to sign a statement that I would selectively reduce to three max if the four took. Thank God only three "took" and only two made it to 8 weeks, so I didn't have to make a decision.

For your sake, I hope you only have two or three release so that it will go forward. After octomom, REs are being very cautious b\c their licenses are on the line!

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Well at least one ovary is responding well!! Best of luck on your IUI!!!

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Best of luck!!!! As Chrissy said at least one ovary is working well!!!

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Very exciting.
Keeping everything crossed fir you xxxxx

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*update* The Doctor's office called a bit ago.....Their doing IUI Monday, not another scan!!! My labs indicated O was sooner than they thought with the scan, which means I'll only MAYBE have 2 ready to go....