FR Ovulation tests

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FR Ovulation tests

This cycle we decided to try something different ( I belive I used this early on when we first started TTC, so I don't remember what I thought of them) Anyway, I just got them today so I took one (held my pee well over 4 hours) and it is snow white! Yesterday I took the old brand (IC from I forget where) and it already had a dark line. I already have fertile CM, and I've noticed I will start to get the darker lines around this time and I should have my positive by tomorrow and saturday. NOW, which test is more reliable??? They are both completely different's crazy!! Anybody used FR tests before. I'm reading there pamphlet and it says it will give you the 2 most fertile days where as with the IC i get the fade in pattern and have more of an idea of what's happening. I mean its too late I've got to use these up now, but which would you prefer??