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I am getting really fed up with people saying how long it is taking for them to conceive when they have been trying for less then a year and in some cases less then 6 months! We have now been trying for 6.5 years! I think people just do not realize how upsetting their comments are to those of us who suffer from infertility.

Maybe I am just getting extra grouchy in my old age....

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That's why I tend to mainly lurk......nothing more annoying (and upsetting) then those "after 4 months we finally got a bfp" posts.
Equally annoying when you have been around long enough that there are people who have gotten divorced, remarried and are pregnant again while you still wait for your turn.....

I am only coming up to 1 year of ttc this time, but having a 4 year journey to bring home a second baby, I have very little in common with any other board - hope you ladies don't mind me lurking

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Margaret I completely get what you are saying. I hate hearing those comments too! I realize I am no longer ttc, we're not preventing, but odds are SO against us with my premature ovarian failure. We've been married almost 8.5 years and have been wanting to add to our family the entire time. I've seen so many women/couples go through so many different journeys on the infertility rollercoaster. My heart aches for each and every one! *HUGS* Sometimes you just need to vent and get it out hun. Continuing to wish you all the best and hoping to see your positive announcement soon! Smile

Audrey, I am sorry for all you've been through as well. *HUGS* Lurk away!! I tend to mostly lurk (hopefully nobody minds), as we're not ttc anymore. I don't really fit in anywhere but have made some friends I like to keep up with. Wishing you all the best on your ttc journey!! Hopefully we'll be celebrating positive news from you too!! Smile

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I sure don't mind the lurking Smile

I definitely get what you are saying!! I can't stand reading the ttc up to 24 months board! I really hate when women are on there posting about how they just got their bfp after trying for two whole agonizing months... squee. vomit! I'm really glad they separate us. I don't want to be mean and i'm glad i can be kept away from them lol that way i don't stomp on their happy! lol

chin up honey!! you got great news this week, keep your mind on that! Smile

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Lurking is fine as long as you join us for a coffee occassionally. Smile

Yup...i hear you.
But then we have to remember what it was like for us when we first started...after a few months it became really I think we're all a bit older and grouchier..and kind of resigned...
On off days..I do think oh get a grip girl to the ones stressing so early on...but then I think...hey we were there once too...sadly...we are all still there...and to me..personally...each bfp I see is one closer to our has to be our turn in the queue soon!!

I feel and hear you...but chin up my love...we are all getting closer each day!!!

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I completely understand what you are saying. It is frustrating and downright annoying. I think most people don't understand how truly hard and emotionally draining it is until they've been down the long road.

And after all you've been through, you have the right to be a little grouchy Smile

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Thanks ladies. It is not even necessarily people from these boards. It is some of my friends/family, sometimes it is just conversations that I overhear.