Full diagnosis in :( :)

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Full diagnosis in :( :)

So we are on the train home from the follow up to my hsg and blood tests.
The scarring is more extensive than the lady let on.. Covering half of my uterus. So no trying til surgery.
In regards to that I am expecting a letter any day from mr h and hoping he will have a date in the near future. Then it should be a month or so after that we can start trying.
I said we wanted to try ASAP and if there was another miscarriage... Mr r said no!!!
Wait!! Each miscarriage will get harder. M agreed and said it is really hard on him too so let's do it right.

In regards to the blood tests... (kristi your suggestion was on the nose!!) I do have mthfr ...homozygous where both my genes or certain genes or something are abnormal.
This explains the last miscarriage in particular as it is apparently linked to downs.
It means my body doesn't convert the folic acid into what it's supposed to convert into to. Can't remember the name.
Luckily it can be sorted by a high dose of folic acid.
Mr r is writing a letter so that I can u derstand it all clearer.

I was convinced all the tests would come back normal and that it was the scarring and hyperfertility that was causing the majority of my losses.
I should be relieved I have a proper answer, but somehow I feel broken.
I know it's easily remedied... But I just feel... Angry maybe... That noone else in my family has this problem... I am also angry that it wasn't diagnosed 1 year ago ...
I guess I am thankful to that we will succeed soon..(I hope) but... I am sure you guts get me!!

Anyway... That's the coo!!


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Hugs sweetie. Answers are always good.

I understand about being frustrated with fertility issues. I have 6 sisters and none of them have had problems. So far 10 of my nieces have been pregnant with no issues. If just sucks!

We are strong women and we will get through this! Did the doctor say how high of folic acid you need to take? I was on 5mg in the past but now I am just taking 1mg.


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Liz, I'm sorry the scarring is worse than what they told you. I hope the surgery is scheduled soon. I'm sorry it took so long to be diagnosed. Sometimes I wonder if the doctors even realize the heart ache infertility causes us and just over look things accidentally. Good luck

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Thanks ladies!!
Guess I just feel sorry for myself.
Doesn't happen that often though.
Margaret it's going to be 5 mg I believe.
I so wish I had asked at Cambridge to be tested for this whe
N a couple of girls here raised it.. But oh no... I knew best!!! Not!!!

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Liz, I'm sorry there is more scarring than you were originally told. *Hugs* I'm glad you have your answers now. Try and focus on that. I know all too well how it feels to play the 'what-if' game. It's torture hun and it gets you nowhere. I am praying you get your surgery soon so you can jump back on the ttc wagon and move towards your dreams coming true! xo Stay positive!! Smile

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Liz im so glad that you got the answers!! Hopefully after your surgery you will be able to have a Christmas baby !!

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The good news is that it's fixable, yes? Praying they get you in soon for the surgery.


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I can imagine your head is reeling... but I am SO happy that the answers are FINALLY here for you Liz! I know that there are amazing things coming for you sweet girl!!! :bigarmhug:

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So glad you have answers, as frustrating as they may be. I know EXACTLY how you are feeling and it just sucks, HUGS!!

What type of procedure will they do to remove the scarring? Laparoscopy?

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Thanks ladies.
Feeling better today!!
Plus got the letter from addenbrooke!!
Mr h says no problem... He will do it and ge suspects my wait won't be long due to my history and he 'understands the urgency of my predicament very well!!!'

I have calked his secretary Mel and said book it Please!! So hopefully I will get a date very soon!!

Amanda it's a hysteroscopy.
Apparently the same as a d and c but with a camera and potentially a coil for a month. Can't remember what you guys call it... But its letters. Iud I think.

So watch this space!!!! Wink

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I am hopeful you get in quickly Liz! I hope they don't need to place an IUD, and that you can resume ttc as soon as you are healed from your hysteroscopy. Smile *HUGS*

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I'm sorry its worse than you thought, but at least you finally have some answers and a plan to get results. I hope you can get in for the surgery asap and start trying really soon. :bigarmhug:

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Liz, I just had this surgery done on 12/1 and it was pretty simple minus the anesthesia hangover. It'll be over and done with before you know it and you'll be back to TTC sooner than you think. Think of this as a positive experience, knowledge is power. You have the tools now to get pregnant. /hugs

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Glad that you have answers, hope TTC won't be too long.

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Thanks again girls.

Jen... I still have to go under...do you have a coil fitted?
That's the bit I dread... But I am sure it will all be good!!

Maybe cheris reading 3 years ago saying march is significant will end up coming true!!
Wow... 3 years... Strange to think itcall started that long ago!!

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I didn't have a coil at all ... wish I could help you on that, sorry. It'll be okay...don't worry. Gotta think positive as hard as you can.

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Liz, oh I hope this is it!!! I have such high hopes!!!! :bighug: I'm so happy you have some answers!

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I am a little late here as I was on vacation visiing the in-laws. Sorry to hear about the scaring and surgry but at least you have a diagnosis now. I was on 5mg folc acid and it wasn't horrible. It was a prenatal called Preg-vit. I hope you get the surgery soon so you can get back at it.

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"girlisrad" wrote:


I can imagine your head is reeling... but I am SO happy that the answers are FINALLY here for you Liz! I know that there are amazing things coming for you sweet girl!!! :bigarmhug:

My thoughts exactly!

*Hugest warmest hugs*

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As your premier stalker I just wanted to add my hugs to the mix. I'm happy you have answers and it sounds like they are understanding you need to push this all through.

Keep your chin up sweets - you can do this!!!

(and stop beating yourself up over things, one more nasty word about yourself and I'll have to pummel you) Wink