Gestational Surrogate

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Gestational Surrogate

What do you think? Would you ever consider it?

I've always been interested in doing this. I've been doing a lot of research on it and unfortunately you can't do it in Canada unless you have already had one successfull pregnancy. With all the problems we have had so far, I think we may only ever get one kid. Pregnancy doesn't scare me though and I'm sure I will want to do it again!

I have a lot of gay male friends who are in commited long term (even married) relationships. I think if any of them ever asked, after I have one kid already, I would probably offer to be a surrogate for them. The guy who married us is a close personal friend of ours and he recently married his long time partner of over 10 years. Without hesitation I would say yes if they ever asked!

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I don't know if I would or not.
Years ago when I had no interest in having children a gay friend of mine and I discussed me having a baby for him and me to then back away.
Seriously considered it..then said no.
I have 2 friiends who have offered surogacy services to M and I. M says no way what so ever as its too weird and what if the don't want to give up the baby.
That makes me think I probably couldn't do it..after all the miscarriages when I get preggers for real that baby is never leaving if I got pregnant again I think I would find it hard to give up a no..I couldn't do it...all babies I carry I want now.
But I think people who do do this are amazing people and deserve a lot of respect and love.

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I have considered it. Of course it would have to be after I have my last baby and I would need to be healthier. It would be too painful to have a baby for someone else when I want one of my own so bad, but after that I would be open to it. I mean I know how hard it is to want your own baby and what greater gift could I give??? My SIL has also offered to be a surrogate for us if we ever needed, which it is nice to know that option is there, but hope we never have to use it Smile

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I'd do it.
Of course, I'd need to have my own first and that's the way I'd only do it. I think apart of me would know that deep-down the child isn't "mine", it's a gift to another family that can't have one or is having trouble having one and after the past (almost) 4 years of trying for us, I'd want to give that "gift" to someone else.

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If I were to consider doing it, it would be for only family. (sorry if that sounds harsh)

However, it's not something I can do anyway since I do not have healthy pregnancies due to B/P.

I do think it's an awesome thing for a woman to do, and respect women who do it. That's not an easy thing to do since that baby grows in your body for 9 months and I don't see how it's "not" hard to attach to the baby. We all know we love those babies even before they come out.

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I would LOVE to be a surrogate and was actually researching it this last summer. But DH said ABSOLUTELY NO. So that's that. Can't do it without his permission (at least with the agency I was looking into). :shrug: