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Good news!

Good morning girls!

I just wanted to share that my DH got promoted! He's moving from a support position in IT to a developement position in IT and I think he is going to be so much happier with that! He and his current manager did not get along well and it was causing DH a lot of stress. His new team (since we both work in the same company) is also a team I work with a lot and they are good guys. I really think he will fit in well there.

On a side note, AF FINALLY showed today. I didn't want to jinx it so I wasn't posting about being late. ALMOST A WEEK LATE!! grrr! I made myself a promise though - I wasn't going to test until pay day (today) because I didn't want to waste money on tests. Well, payday came and so did AF with it! I really didn't think I had any chances though as DH's smoking is a complete turn off and I think we only DTD once or twice and I have no idea if I even O's last month.

Next Tuesday I see the RE for my followup after my Lap/HSG. I can't wait so I can finally figure out our results! I'm worried though - I want to go ahead with injectibles/IUI but I think we have to skip the next cycle as we will be on the east coast visiting DH's fam around O time. Guess we have to wait until October? Sad

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I'm sorry AF showed...but glad she showed before tests were bought.

Yay to the promotion....thats fantastic..and if he has less stress maybe the smoking will decrease and stop..maybe??...we can hope!!
When does he move to the new job?

Good luck on Tuesday...I hope you get some answers with really simple solutions!!!!

If its any consolation..unless we are stupid again like we were last cycle then we will not be trying until about October/Nov...we have been told to lay off for 2 thats from now to Sept I think and I think I'll wait til after my trip so I can eat and drink what I want.
Plus I really don't want to end up having yet another CP when trying to enjoy myself!

So we can get on the old band wagon together and hopefully...just hopefully share a BB to the end this time eh?

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Yay for DHs promotion! Hopefully less stress will help with the baby making Smile

I'm sorry AF showed, but at the same time I'm glad you're not in late AF limbo anymore. Good luck at your appt next week, KUP!!

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Hooray for the promotion!!!! That's awesome news BiggrinBiggrinBiggrin

Maybe we'll all end up on the same BB together... I'm thinking fall would be a good time to get pg....;)

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DH starts his new job next Tuesday and I think he is very excited! We also will go to working on the same floor again (just have to walk through the computer lab which is between our two departments). That will be fun! And yes, hopefully less stress means less smoking. I wonder if anyone on his new team (it's only 3 other people) smoke. I think if he doesn't have a smoking buddy he will be less likely to go out for it.

Sorry about having to take two months off Liz! But I guess it's good as you will get to drink when in the state of True Blood! Wink

I'd love if we all ended up on a BB together! That would be fab! Smile

I am kinda glad I did get AF though - DH is having a good-bye party after work tomorrow at the bar by work and I would hate trying to explain my way out of a beer!

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Yayyyy congrats on DH promotionn !! I hope with less stress comes less smoking and more time to :lovebed: ! You guys behave since u guys are so close lol jk Blum 3

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Yay Rachael! That's fabulous news! Will he work the same hours as you? (I vaguely remember you talking about your hours but can't recall what exactly they were.)
DH and I worked at the same school the first two years we were teaching and it was so nice to see him- even just for seconds at a time.

And I CANNOT believe AF was almost a week late and you didn't freak out! Glad she showed before you wasted a test, but that is awful of her to make you wait like that. :violent2::witch:

Can't wait to hear how your apt goes on Tuesday. GL!

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That's awesome! So happy for your DH!!