Got my surgery date!!!! And question on clomid for Mel!!

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Got my surgery date!!!! And question on clomid for Mel!!

So I have finally got a date for removing the scarring.
I got a letter today to call the gynae.
Looks like mr h will be doing it.. But the waiting list is still long!!
It's the 22nd of June. Which is handy as I already have that week booked off work as m and I were going to go away somewhere... Looks like it will be a short break instead.
Saying this.. It is still subject to change as I am on the cancellation list too.
So looks Like we probably won't be on the ttc train until at least September.., waste of the year but it will be worth it and maybe my birthday in September will bring a good present!!

Onto the other bit... Sure you guts remember my friend Mel... She's due to start clomid soon... She wants to know the pros and cons... She's concerned about it thinning the lining and other side effects... Can you guys give some input?

Thank you in advance!!

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Yeah you have a date!!! Sorry you will have to cut your holiday short though. I hope you get in earlier from the cancellation list. Wink

As for your friend, do you know if she will be monitored during her clomid cycle? If so, the dr can easily prescribe some estrace for her to take if her lining appears thin near the time she has a mature follicle. I never had any trouble with my lining when taking Clomid. If she is concerned though, there may be some natural things she can take to help with her lining. I'm not sure what exactly, red raspberry leaf tea comes to mind... Hopefully someone who knows more will chime in on that.

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Yay for a date! How long is recovery after the surgery??

As for the clomid question - my only advice was TAKE IT AT NIGHT! That way if she does get headaches (which most do) they will happen mostly while asleep!

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Yay Liz, that's great! Things are moving along. Smile I know it hard to wait but hoping for a cancellation for you.

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Thanks girls.
Not sure if she is being monitored.. Will check.

Surgery recovery is unclear. Depends on how bad the scarring is.
May have to have a coil fitted for a month or so.

Praying for an earlier date though.

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Wahoo for surgery date!!!!

As for the Clomid, it effects everyone differently, but I second the taking it at night. I hated it. It brought out the, "Clomid monster" as my DH so lovingly called it Smile

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Yes, good suggestion about taking it at night. I did that too.

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So glad your surgery is scheduled! I hope they don't have to cancel on you. As for the clomid, the only side effect I really got were hot flashes so it didn't matter what time I took it at. This cycle (which resulted in pregnancy) I started applying natural progesterone cream right after I ovulated, I would apply it twice daily. I don't know if that helped but this was already the 4th or 5th clomid cycle and the only one that had a successful result!

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Glad you got a date!!

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I'm so happy that they scheduled the surgery for you! I hope you get in sooner, though. Smile


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Yay for a surgery date! I know that must make you feel like you are moving forward, whoo hoo! Praying for a cancellation so you can be bumped up and an easy recovery! But a September bday present sounds pretty nice too. Smile

I did 7 rounds of clomid, all un-monitored. My biggest side-effects were terrible hot flashes and fiery mood swings. I never got headaches though, thank goodness. Once I switched over to an RE they recommended that all Clomid patients be monitored, so definitely ask your friend what her protocol is. It can slim the lining of your uterus, but it's very case-by-case and there are easy supplements to bump it back up.

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Biggrin Hope you get the earlier date!

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I know I'm late but Yay for a date! I hope you can get bumped up though, but until then at least you have a date to count down to. Smile

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Yayyyy for a date!!!!