Green eyed PGment Child ment.

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Green eyed PGment Child ment.

Today I found out yet another person I know is expecting a baby. Normally I have handled it okay. This evening though out of the blue I found myself expectantly green eyed about it. And whilst I am happy for this family. I feel very upset by it too. Why I am not sure. I think partly because DS is also going into grade 1 in 12 days.
I thought after all this time I would be over these feelings??

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I can totally understand!!!
It's totally normal to feel like this!
Your journey has been and is massive.
It wouldn't be normal if you didn't feel envious.
It's hard!!
And it sucks and I wish I could make it better for you.

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Understandable, it is never easy. I constantly see woman who can't care for their kids and mjstreat them just pop them out constantly and it is so hard. Sometimes you just have to let that feeling run through and go with it so that it doesn't end up eating away at you.