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grumble (vent)

How am I supposed to get pregnant if I am too sick to have sex??? This winter has been nasty - flu, colds, ear infections... It seems like I have been sick for months. It has been a very mild winter and it seems like more bugs are going around then usual.

Be careful what you teach your children. We taught Robbie how to share and he not only shares treats and toys but germs as well!!!

I am actually feeling a bit better today then last night but I am coughing more but I am actually getting some sleep. This is our busiest time of year with it being tax season (I work for the Canadian Government business tax department) and I work in a call centre (ie I talk on the phone for 7.5 hrs/day) not good when I keep losing my voice or having cough or sneeze attacks.


Thanks for listening to me whine.

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Aww Margaret feel better!! I am also feeling blahhh but im attacking it !! Me boss unfortunately gave me his nasty germs but i refuse to let it get as bad as his !! He looms like hes about to fall over !!

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You poor thing.
I do hope you feel totally better soon.
And that bding becomes fun... Once you feel better you'll not want to keep your hands off each other... Getting reacquainted!!!