Half way done!!! Update!!!

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Half way done!!! Update!!!

So I got my bloods done today!! For 3 or 4 tests they took so much blood!! Apparently lupus is in parts??
St marys is a lovely hospital... Well obs and gym is.
I had no idea where to go but random staff members didn't just give me directions but dropped what they were doing to take me.
I was so surprised... And the receptionist at the ova and gyn was hysterical and so friendly!!
To say you were made to feel comfortable is an understatement!!!!

So tomorrow at 845 am I have my hsg. Ick!!!!

Tonight I am in hammersmith with one of my besties!!!!
Once she gets home from work (I collected keys from her work and have sat down with a cuppa) we will have a good catch up and a Thai meal!!
So it's good I am up here!!!!

Next appointment after tomorrow is the 9t h of feb... Just before I o again!!!!
Nowmy condudrum is whether we go fir it that month or wAit for march.
My cycle will be neRly identical to last feb if I o on my dates and not sure I could face a 12 week scan over Easter again... Maybe 3rd time lucky but... Well you know!!!!
Mind you.. If I have scarring it will be later! Wish me luck!!!!

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I'm thinking of you and praying for you!!!!! :bigarmhug:

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So I am on my way home after the hsg.
The woman was a wonder. Rather than using the suction cap she inserted a tube with a balloon. Hardly felt a thing. A breeze!!
Cramping a bit now but phew!!
Was in and out. Nearly ?300 lighter and that's not including blood tests but...
So the results are that I do have some scarring that needs to be removed. Apparently the procedure is just like the d and c's I have had but with a telescope.... Brings some weird images to mind...lol
If it's only a small amount if cutting they need to do then I should heal in a couple of days.
If there is more then they will fit a coil for a couple of months so the uterus is kept separated. I am more scared of the coil than the surgery!!!! Lol
We are concerned about the cost so I am wondering whether I could get my consultant in Cambridge to do it on the nhs.
So.... Now just wait on the bloods.
But looks like the scarring is the cause of my chemicals.
So at least it means that feb is probably out for us. So that saves my fears there!!

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Glad to hear you're getting some answers! Hope your consultant can take care of the surgery to save you from paying OOP, too.

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Glad you have some answers! Hopefully no coil needed. If the NHS does the surgery would you have to wait for a long time? I hope not!

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I don't know really. I didn't wait long for the one 2 years ago. Depends on whether the private place will talk to the nhs place.
Waiting on an email back answering that and whether I can get it dine before my appointment in feb.
What will be will be!!!
Just want to have dates set up... Feel a bit like I am twiddling my thumbs!!!
It's hard because I am going to o in a few days!!!!
Need to take my mind off it!!! Lol

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Glad it went as well as it did. Here's hoping you can get in soon for the surgery and that you can get it done cheaper and more locally and that you don't need the coil.


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Thanks sweets.
It's the coil that freaks me out more than anything!!!

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Yay Liz for some answers. Smile I never heard of a coil before, hopefully you will not need it. I'm thinking you probably won't because doctors like to lean towards the worse case scenarios. Big hugs... and I hope the NHS can cover it. I had to go private in England at first myself, then got pregnant after that.

Best of luck! Smile

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So glad you are getting some answers Liz! I hope you can get NHS to cover the procedure. Thinking of you!

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Liz, yay for getting answers!! I hope you can find a cheaper alternative so you can get on with TTC sooner rather than later!!! :bighug:

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Sorry to hear you have to undergo surgery, but yay for an explanation! Good luck with everything!

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Sorry, a little late here but yay for answers! I really hope this helps!!

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Just saw your update Liz, I'm also glad you have some answers, hope the surgery won't be as bad as you're thinking!

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Thanks girls!!!

So my specialists secretary has now faxed my hsg results to the consultant at my hospital!!
Fingers crossed I get a booking soon!!!!