Happy and angry at the same time!

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Happy and angry at the same time!

I just got back from my follow up with the new RE. I think I'm in shock because I just don't have the words and I just don't know where to start.

Well, here goes....

  • Him: Well, first, the blood work was normal.
  • Me: Ok, that's good.
  • Him: And you already know you have a subseptate uterus?
  • Me: What?

Yes....that's how it started off. And NO I did not not know I have a subseptate uterus. Basically, I have an incomplete septum down the middle of my uterus. And apparently from the 3D ultrasound (he showed me), a fairly significant one that will definitely have to be surgically removed. He's sure this is a major cause of our infertilty. Chances are we are getting pregnant frequently, but the tissue of a septum isn't a muscle and embryos can't implant on it. Septum's also can cause miscarriage and dislodging of implanted embryos very easily (due to rubbing of tissues).

Aside from that, the 3D ultrasound also showed that my cyst on the left ovary is an endometrioma (blood filled) and not dermoid (tissue filled) like the other clinic thought which is why they didn't remove it. He suspects he should be able to drain it and remove it easily.

So... to add insult to all this....you would think with the lap I had last year, the HSG, and so many other ultrasounds and investigations that SOMEONE would have noticed the supseptate uterus before.

And that's the sad part...they did....and we were never told. Not even ONCE.

He showed it to me, typed up, right in the notes he received from our last clinic. Right there clear as day....and not a word to us, nothing.

I'm angry, annoyed, sad... I feel betrayed. You think a doctor has your best interests at heart, but they didn't even tell us to give us the option to pursue it.

Now I will have to have another lap to remove the septum, which means no TTC leading up to the surgery (which will be in the next 6 weeks) and 2-3 months after for recovery before we can TTC again.

I mean, I'm happy to have this figured out and I'm really hopeful that this is the source of our issues all along, but I'm just so... :bigangry: at the same time....

So yeah. That's what's up with me.

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How cow!!! I'm stunned! Rachael, I don't even have words for what I'm thinking. (Well, I have a few, but the software on the boards will not let me use them!) To know something so significant, and so clearly likely to be causing your issues and then to NOT tell you! I would be beyond livid! I don't know about Canada, but here in the States that might even qualify as malpractice! Completely unbelievable and amazingly unprofessional. Sad

All of that aside....I'm so glad you finally have a cause and a plan. Yahoo I'm sure that once you have that taken care of and have recovered, your BFP won't be far behind. :bigarmhug:

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I am wondering what kind of complaints you can have against the previous RE for not telling you.. would you be able to pursue anything. I mean, the sue happy culture here in the US would be all over that one! I'm not certain of how you could go about anything up there. I mean, you guys have the "luxury" of free medical, right? I'd be all up in their faces on this one, Rach.

I hope that you can get this taken care of quickly and be on the way to that baby!


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Rachael - I have been following your story for a while now, and I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that you have finally gotten some answers and a solution. I can't imagine how livid you must be that no one ever told you before, but I am overjoyed for you that you know now and have something that you can do to "fix" it. Best of luck to you!

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Wow!! I can't believe you were not told! I am so shocked. You definitely need to put a complaint into the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

I am sorry that you were not told sooner but it is good news that then new RE is doing something.


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Thanks everyone. After 5 years I'm just so close to giving it all up that I really needed something to make me hopeful again.

I'm still not sure whether we will pursue any....retribution at the old clinic. At this point I'm considering a letter to the clinic director to start and see what happens. I would probably be ok with an apology but it still doesn't change that we spent quite a bit on the sperm testing and IUIs and meds that could have probably been avoided had we known this, since not everything is covered under the provincial health care plan. What sucks is they KNEW we were for finding out root cause and wanted as minimal intervention as possible, yet they still didn't tell us. Then again, I know no one is perfect so maybe, just maybe, they missed this note? Unless I get a whole copy of my file, I won't be able to tell how much they knew or not, or even when they knew (I didn't ask). This may explain why they said in my Lap last year that they couldn't get a good view of the inside of the uterus.....

I'm just happy to have found a doctor who wants to work to find the root cause. He's insane busy and some of the reviews he gets online are negative just because of that, but for those who are patient enough to deal with the waiting and delays around his appointments, they all say it's worth it because he's amazing. And really, I have no complaints so far. He knows his stuff and he understands that we want a root cause.

So now I just wait for the call with the booking for the lap/HSG/cyst removal/septum removal. I hope they call soon because August-October is the busiest time of the year for me with events, weddings, anniversaries, camping, and all kinds of other things planned.

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Oh wow!! What a horrible thing!! I've metioned it a million times that I'm not a huge fan of doctors anymore after seeing my mom fade away and the many drs that saw her all said "we don't know what the cause is." I would totally complain ESPECIALLY if you were paying things out of pocket, and if it was through insurance I would let the insurance know. On a happier note, it looks like you found yourself a great doc!!! Smile I'm sorry you have to wait now again but at least you know you have a solid plan in action!

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I just got a call from the booking secretary. I'm booked for October 4, which is just before a long weekend here and the week after is my work from home shift so it's perfect timing for me to recover. It's 9 or so weeks from now, so not horrible.

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Good news!

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It will be here before you know it!!

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Rachael I'm glad you finally have answers and I'm sorry it took so long. I'm praying for you a thb next year.

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Sorry for missing this!!!
Firstly I am pleased you have answers!!!!
Secondly ... Wow... I would be fuming too!!
You gave to at least get an apology. You need to complain so it doesn't happen to anyone else!!!

I am so pleased you have a date to start. And that it is at a good time for you.
Yet I am also angry for you too.

Good luck Hun!!! I will be waiting for good news in the fall!!!

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Rachael, I am SO MAD for you!!! You should have been told about this by your previous RE and you should have had it cleared up at your last lap!! So happy that you have found a great RE and clinic that are doing such a good job at running all the required tests and procedures to help give you much needed and long awaited for answers. I see you have your lap booked for October 4th. That's awesome!! I hope it goes smoothly and you will be celebrating your bfp as soon as you can resume ttc.

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OMGoodness, that is horrible. I'm so sorry for you. Sometimes changing doctors is the best thing. I'm so glad you are starting to get answers and moving on in what needs to be done. I would so complain and I wouldn't stop without an apology that is the least they can do. You will be in my thoughts in this next process. Good luck sweetie!!

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OH... my gosh...... I'm sooo glad that you finally have some answers, Rach... but really.. oh.. my... gosh.. I would be so mad & sick thinking of all of the dratted "what if's".... but I'm glad that you now know so you can move on... one step closer to having that little baby in your arms!!! Smile ..I'll def be stalking you.. Wink

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Wow...just wow! That sucks and I don't blame you for being pissed. I'm so so happy that you finally have a good doctor who is looking out for you and getting to the root of things. I hope the surgery goes well and fixes your problems and that we see your sticky BFP in 2013!

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"raingirl28" wrote:

Then again, I know no one is perfect so maybe, just maybe, they missed this note? Unless I get a whole copy of my file, I won't be able to tell how much they knew or not, or even when they knew (I didn't ask). This may explain why they said in my Lap last year that they couldn't get a good view of the inside of the uterus.....


Have you thought about asking for a copy of your records? As upset as you are with them, how would you feel if you knew how long THEY knew without telling you?

As frustrating as it may be, I'm happy that you've found an answer. Hopefully this is the missing link!

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Aw, man. Wow. That is unbelievable that they didn't tell you. So sorry!!!! :bigarmhug:

Happy that you do now have some answers, though. Hoping your BFP isn't too far away now! Smile

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I am sorry to hear that important medical information was not relayed to you. That is horrible. I hope that the lap and the new RE make a difference for you. :bigarmhug: