Happy thanksgiving !!

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Happy thanksgiving !!

To the mist amazing ladies I know.
Not just on this board but all if them!!
Awesome ladies!!
I am thankful for you

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Thank you!!!!!!! I'm not sure if you guys are celebrating as well up by you. Smile If you are, Happy Thanksgiving to you too. LOL!!!!!

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Thanks, Liz. Thankful for you, too. Smile

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Ditto, I'm so thankful for you ladies on here. Smile

We're off to pick up my MIL at the airport, she flew in from the UK. Staying the whole month or even more depending on my IVF cycle since now it looks like we'll run into January (very grateful for that). Plus I'm thankful for my donor who's ready to start once the labs open back up end of December. What an amazing woman I'll never get to meet but want to thank ahead of time for doing this for us. Smile