has this happened to anyone else while TTC

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has this happened to anyone else while TTC

My period is due on the 8th and the other day when i went to the bathroom there was a little bit of a pink color and a little piece of something(maybe skin idk) no bigger than the head of a pin of pink(like a spot the size of the letter "a") on the toilet paper and if i hadn't been looking i would have never saw it(i don't think you could even call it spotting that's how little there was.). I have not had any other pink spotting since(it has been three days now) .

could it have been implantation
Has this happened to anyone else IF SO Did you get a positive test or a negative

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Ooo, hope that you get your BFP!!!

It's happened to me before but I've always just gotten negatives...
I chalked it up to pre-AF spotting or... this is embarrassing.. one time it was a piece of pink fuzz from my panties.... Fool

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I've had IB with both of my pregnancies/miscarriages.
It was sort of like what you discribed. It was a light pink/orangey colour, no flow to it at all, so I knew it wasn't AF. It was somewhat creamy/ish too and I had slight cramping here and there. I was charting and knew I was 7dpo, so it was the perfect time for it! Both times, I had IB start on 7dpo!! The 1st pregnancy, I had IB on 7dpo, 9dpo and again at 12dpo but I didn't test until 16dpo (when AF was late by 2 days). I had symptoms starting at 9dpo though, started with really sore boobs and having to pee every 20 seconds. :rolleyes: After that, the extreme hunger started and all I wanted to do was EAT!! I was eating in the middle of the night, so I knew something was up.

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My first pregancy I had had a splash of pink when I wiped when I was due...so you never know!!

I'm keeping all my fingers crossed for you though!!!

ps...hello and welcome. Smile
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