having a bad day

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having a bad day

a close friend of mine just called me to announce she's pregnant. i'm so fed up with having that feeling when you hear someone is pregnant.

then as I was walking to the pharmacy today I saw 3 pregnant women. i've been very emotional i think since my surgery is next week and i can't help but have this feeling that something may go wrong. my mom had uterine cancer in her early 40's and this is how she started out. Sad

sorry just need to get this off my chest, maybe I will feel better later.

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Oh hun...i am so sorry you are feeling like this..i totallt understand..a friend of mine had her due date yesterday and she keeps turning up at my work shoping..and its making me feel sick everytime i see her with her full belly.

Can they do any tests to see if you are likely to be the same as your mum?

I can understand why you are so nervous about the surgery and everything..but know we are all sending positives vibes to you.

Huge hugs sweets..i understand

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I hear ya! Having just found out about my sis, and with DH's sister due any day now.... I totally understand!

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Aww sorry you feel this way! It seems like all summer ive been seeing pregnant people and babies !! Ughh hopefully the test nxt week will give u answers!!

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Sorry 2 You know we understand. :bighug:

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So sorry (((HUGS))) Totally can relate.....

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I'm so sorry you are having a rough time, Marisol. HUGS! :bigarmhug:

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(((((huge hugs)))))) Those days stink..!!!! We're here for you whenever you need to vent or talk things out!!