Hello ladies :)

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Hello ladies :)

Hi Smile
I'm Susan.

I'm not sure if this is where I should be...
My dh and i have been trying for more than 2.5 years. However until now we had decided to not go out of our way to see anyone for testing. I have PCOS, but I do get a cycle every 3 or 4 months, my dr gave me her blessing to try and we have charted and tried at the right time, whenever I do get a cycle.
We now feel like we're in a spot that we want to start seeking help to try and make it happen.
We want it so badly. I have for so long. There were a few reasons we hadn't sought out help before. It's hard going and admitting things aren't working right. It's brings up feelings that are hard to handle. And we were in the midst of moving for quite some time. Now we are too far to see the doctor i have loved for a long time.
But now that we are taking the next step I've got worries and it brings up all the sad and frustration i've had about it since we started trying. I have major depressive disorder and I'm a bit afraid of dealing with disappointments and worried about some of the medications playing with my hormones and making it hard to deal with the depression.

Anyway. I need support and advice and I thought I could find that here. I tried looking in the 0-24 months, bcs I haven't done all the first things and first appointments, but it seems more like a celebration and for fun board than support for when things don't work. It's so hard already to catch people in everyday life that squee at being pregnant after trying for 6 weeks, or have 'accidental' pregnancies...

It's nice to meet all you ladies, and i wish you the best of luck in your baby making journey!

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You're in the right place Smile No one understands the difficulties of getting (and staying) pregnant like those ladies who have been there. I was on this board with my first son in 05 and the women are amazing. Good luck!

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Hey Susan!!!

I have seen you 'around'.

I am so sorry that you have had such a long and hard journey.
But I hope we can help you through the rough times and celebrate the good.

Our kitchen is always open.

Huge hugs lovely.
I hope that your journey isn't too much longer.
But remember the end result will be sweeter!!!!

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Hi Susan,

Long time no talk! Hope you get your BFP soon.