Hey Ladies!

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Hey Ladies!

Been a few days. No AF but have all the symptoms and expect her tomorrow. She is later than usual but it has been like that ever since I had the HSG. Sad Already tested and it was BFN. I was so hopeful this month so I am very sad about it. I really do believe that a baby is not in my cards right now, but at least I have a beautiful little girl. (which is driving me bananas...:))

I will update tomorrow. I have no tests, just 2 digis that I don't want to use unless necessary. So if no AF tomorrow I will test with the digis on Wednesday.

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:bigarmhug: that AF is being extra mean this month. Hoping for good news Wednesday!

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I'm hoping she doesn't show!!

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Everything is still crossed foryou gorgeous girl

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Hope she stays away! How are things looking today?

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she showed!! Sad

the only good thing is I was finally able to take something for this cold...i'm miserable.