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Hey Ladies

Feels like forever since I posted. Obviously all those OPK's meant nothing since AF ended up showing. Sad I'm about 2 DPO right now. Hoping for the best like usual. DH has been taking fertil aide so I'm hoping it works. I doubt for this cycle since he started it like 3 weeks ago though.

Other than that no updates. I have lost 21 lbs now so I'm very proud of myself. I feel so much lighter it's amazing. All that extra weight was really starting to get to me, I just didn't feel good anymore.

Hope to hear from you girls!! Things have been a little slow around here. UPDATE time!!!

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Sorry to hear af showed up. Hoping this is your cycle!! And congratulations on your weightloss!! That's awesome!! I've recently been counting calories and joined a boot camp class in my area. I've lost 6lbs so far. Slow and steady... ;0)

AFM, I met with a new RE yesterday for a second opinion of my premature ovarian failure diagnosis. Had some bloodwork done and when I go back for a follow-up from that they will do an ultrasound. Not really sure what we're going to do as far as ttc. Considering af has disappeared for almost 9 months now, it's safe to say if we want a pregnancy we'll need to go the donor egg route. But, I won't know for sure until we get some more testing done. That's my update. Smile

Hope everyone is doing well! It has gotten quiet around here.

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Hoope this cycle is your cycle

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Hi Marisol! :wavehello: Congrats on the 21-lb loss! That is AWESOME. As always I'm waiting and hoping for you to get your BFP! Biggrin

I hope everyone will come and give an update here. I'm wondering myself how everyone is doing. (Jodi I didn't know AF had been absent for 9 months now :bigarmhug: KUP on what the second opinion is.)

As for moi, not much new to report. The issue DH was having before that made me want to stop ttc has resolved itself, but we still aren't "actively" trying, i.e., putting in any extra effort (the other issue is still there, though every now and then we do hit a homerun). We're just going with the flow for now and if it happens it happens.

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Well dOne you!!! Thats a great weight loss.

Hope the stuff dh is taking helps.
It's bound to be your time!!

Seems a lot of us are in the waiting game really.
I am waiting on surgery still. Roll on June.
Just had a 30 day cycle... Don't think I have ever gone 30 days. Guessing it was the panadol extra I was taking fir a lively case of sciatica!!!!

That's it really.
All quiet on the western front.
Oh I am involved in sone amateur dramatics.
Kiss me Kate finished 10th march and I start rehearsing for Annie in about 2 weeks. Got the small part of mrs Pugh the cook!!!
Very excited!!!

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Hi Lizz!!! Congrats on the acting roll!!! They are much fun no matter the part!!!
Marisol how are you feeling ? Congrats on the weight loss!
Mary.. Hiii!!!
Jodi - wow thats a long time with no AF.. I hope they are able to treat you with the proper med and maybe you may not have to use donor eggs after all
AFM nothing special going on here.... Just waiting for AF to show bc i dont think I stand a chance this cycle ! I just want AF to hurry up so i can try for my IUI and pray for success this time around